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Randoms #1 (11 June 2007)

OK, I’m starting a new series of little random posts with an appropriate name! I will use these to talk about little things that I’ve seen or have been happening in my life, without spending time on long blog posts about a particular topic, quality literature though they may be. ;)

The Blood of Kings

Some of you may have heard that I was working with Clairie to hopefully co-produce a play that she had written, The Blood of Kings. Well our proposal got approved by NUTS and we’re in the process of auditioning!

So set aside a night in Week 2, Session 2 (Fr 31 Jul to Sat 04 Aug) to come and see it… or better yet, come and audition for a part this coming Tuesday all day from 11:00 in the Wurth Marsh Room, upstairs at the UNSW Roundhouse!

(edit: Got the room wrong!)

Rock Paper Scissors Gets Serious

Did you know there was a World Rock Papers Scissors Championships? Neither did I, but it sounds fun! The World RPS Society has the details.

Facebook Platform

I’m really excited about Facebook applications! For a start, it means Facebook are commited to setting themselves up as a viable development platform for others to share, which suggests they may really be serious about not selling out. Also, it means we can have lots of cool extensions for Facebook! C’mon Flickr! :D

Chinese Products are Great

You know how we keep hearing more and more about contaminated products of Chinese origin that lead to deaths of pets and people? And how there’s very little effective regulation in China? The International Herald Tribune has a lengthy piece on one particular case: From China to Panama, a trail of poisoned medicine. It really makes me worry…


Lucy and I went and saw Noise this weekend and um… well, we sadly found it to be like so many other Australian films we’ve seen recently — that is, ponderous. OK, so the sound design was noteworthy and it was generally well produced, but again we failed to see the point of this movie.

Brendan Cowell’s Graham character just doesn’t develop in a meaningful way for me, let alone the others. What was this film trying to say other than that suburban life can be depressing? How come we just constantly find it so hard to appreciate the subtlety of Australian film? I give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

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