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M2 Signage Updated for Westlink M7

Sorry for the extended hiatus! I’ve been much busier than I expected since my return from Queensland and haven’t had time to do any blogging. Here’s just a very quick update — I know I’ve missed out on a lot of recent events, transport or otherwise, and I hope to make up for it in January.

Upon the opening of the Westlink M7 Motorway on 16 Dec 2005, we expected Metroad 7 to be re-signed as the first alphanumeric route, A7/M7 and re-routed along the Westlink M7. However, just about no signage updates were done off the M7 itself and it looked like Metroad 7 signage was here to stay along the Cumberland Highway — until now.

ID signs showing the M2 signed westbound as Metroad 2 and M7, with focal points Blacktown and Canberra
New ID sign facing southbound Pennant Hills Rd traffic turning right onto the M2 Motorway

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Windsor Rd/Old Windsor Rd Roadworks

I was bored yesterday, so I went on a trip up and down Old Windsor Rd and Windsor Rd from Bella Vista up to Rouse Hill. Interesting sights included sections of the roads duplicated in recent years, the North-West T-way under construction and the Westlink M7 interchange nearing completion.

It was obviously a dumb idea to be out given how hot it was, but especially so since I was driving our old Volvo 240GL, which no longer has working air-conditioning. Oh well, at least I took some photos.

future onramp to the M7 from Old Windsor Rd
Onramp to the Westlink M7 eastbound from Old Windsor Rd, looking wide enough to carry two lanes — no markings or signs are here yet though (enlarge)

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Lane Cove Tunnel Falls Apart?

According to all the major media sources this morning, residents living in a block of units near the Longueville Rd northbound exit to Pacific Hwy were woken up at about 02:30 this morning to discover their units were disappearing into a huge gaping hole in the ground and had to be evacuated. Thankfully the building didn’t collapse entirely and no lives were lost.

Originally 4 m wide and 8-10 m deep, the hole has now grown to 10 m wide and continues to widen. The cause is yet to be verified, but there is a ventilation shaft for the under-construction Lane Cove Tunnel 25 m below the building. A Sydney Water main at the location burst at the same time, but it is thought the hole caused the water main to burst, not the other way round.

overhead view of hole and damaged unit block
Overhead view of the 10 m x 10 m hole (source: ABC News)

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New M2 E-toll Gantries: Photos

Alright, folks… I finally managed to snap some dodgy shots of the new overhead gantries at the M2 Motorway toll booths!

westbound view showing the new overhead e-toll gantries
Westbound view immediately after the toll plaza (enlarge)

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New M2 E-toll Gantries Erected

Here’s a quick update on how the construction of E-toll only lanes at the M2 Motorway toll plaza is progressing. [For other entries in this series, try browsing all posts tagged with both M2 Motorway and electronic tolling.]

Tonight, I saw for the first time that a pair of overhead gantries had been erected on the western side of the toll plaza for citybound traffic. They span two lanes and look quite similar to the gantries being used on the Westlink M7. I would guess they were put up last night (Friday night), as they weren’t there when I passed through yesterday afternoon. I don’t know if the tag readers have been installed on the gantry, but our tag didn’t activate until we reached the existing toll plaza.

When I next pass through there during the day on a bus (or if I’m in the car but not driving), I’ll try and take some photos.

In other news, for the past week or two there have been three E-toll only booths in operation during peak hour in a tidal flow manner, an increase from the maximum of two we have had over the years.

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Construction Begins on M2 E-toll Lanes

I mentioned a week ago that E-toll only lanes were to be added to the M2 Motorway toll plaza, with signage indicating construction would begin in early October. Well it’s only 01 October, but construction has begun!

Yesterday I noticed that there were now two E-toll booths operating in either direction. There used to one or three in each direction, tidal flow-style, and in the off-peak I frequently resorted to using the adjacent Auto + E-toll booths to avoid queuing at the single E-toll booth. I also noticed on the approach that a large number of temporary crash barriers had been stacked up in the shoulder lane.

Today I noticed this had been further enhanced (at least on the city-bound side). The flexible barrier that used to exist between the E-toll booth and the remaining booths has been extended significantly to where the main carriageway’s two lanes widen to form the toll plaza area. Lane markings with temporary reflectors have been added to stripe two separate lanes heading to each E-toll booth. At the booths themselves, the boom gates have been deactivated and “Do Not Stop” signs have been erected — at last!

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M2 Motorway to get E-toll Lanes

On my way home from uni last night, I was driving along the M2 Motorway when I noticed portable variable message signs had been set up on both approaches to the toll plaza, saying something along the lines of:

Express lanes coming soon
Construction starts October

Could it be? The M2 is finally going to get dedicated non-stop e-toll only lanes at the toll plaza, just like the M4 and M5?

M2 toll plaza with dedicated e-toll lanes
M2 toll plaza with dedicated e-toll lanes (source: M2 Hills Motorway)

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