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Hillsbus Accepts Uni Concession Cards

I discovered first-hand today that Hillsbus are now accepting the university/TAFE concession cards for half-fare travel. These are student cards issued by universities and TAFEs bearing the government rail/bus concession emblem on it, technically known as a Form 204 concession card).

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Construction Begins on M2 E-toll Lanes

I mentioned a week ago that E-toll only lanes were to be added to the M2 Motorway toll plaza, with signage indicating construction would begin in early October. Well it’s only 01 October, but construction has begun!

Yesterday I noticed that there were now two E-toll booths operating in either direction. There used to one or three in each direction, tidal flow-style, and in the off-peak I frequently resorted to using the adjacent Auto + E-toll booths to avoid queuing at the single E-toll booth. I also noticed on the approach that a large number of temporary crash barriers had been stacked up in the shoulder lane.

Today I noticed this had been further enhanced (at least on the city-bound side). The flexible barrier that used to exist between the E-toll booth and the remaining booths has been extended significantly to where the main carriageway’s two lanes widen to form the toll plaza area. Lane markings with temporary reflectors have been added to stripe two separate lanes heading to each E-toll booth. At the booths themselves, the boom gates have been deactivated and “Do Not Stop” signs have been erected — at last!

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The End of an Era

Today is the last day State Transit’s Sydney Buses will be providing bus services in Cherrybrook and Dural. From tomorrow onwards, Hillsbus will be taking over routes 620, 625, 626, 627, and 630 once again. (Sydney Buses will permanently take over routes 623, 624, 628 and 629 though.)

It’s kind of the end of an era… for as long as I’ve lived in Cherrybrook, I’ve wished Sydney Buses would run the buses in my area — and for seven months this dream came true. But don’t they say, all good things must come to an end? It really hit home on Monday night, when I was on the way home on a 620 bus from the City. While waiting to turn onto Pennant Hills Rd exiting the M2, our very friendly driver Paul decided to give a little speech thanking us passengers, saying he would miss us. :(

1100 heading down Shephards Dr on a route 620 service
The 620 heads down Shephards Dr for the very last time

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M2 Motorway to get E-toll Lanes

On my way home from uni last night, I was driving along the M2 Motorway when I noticed portable variable message signs had been set up on both approaches to the toll plaza, saying something along the lines of:

Express lanes coming soon
Construction starts October

Could it be? The M2 is finally going to get dedicated non-stop e-toll only lanes at the toll plaza, just like the M4 and M5?

M2 toll plaza with dedicated e-toll lanes
M2 toll plaza with dedicated e-toll lanes (source: M2 Hills Motorway)

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