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Sydney Buses TravelTen multiple dipping chart

It’s no secret that public transport in Sydney is not as straightforward as it could be, and one of the particularly complex areas is our various ticketing systems.

Did you know that on Sydney Buses services, you can either validate a TravelTen multiple times or validate a combination of multiple TravelTens to legitimately pay for a longer-distance fare?

There used to be a chart produced by Sydney Buses that showed you these combinations (circa 2000), but aside from occasionally seeing one taped to the driver’s console on some buses, they appear all but extinct. So I decided to make a modernised version:

Sydney Buses TravelTen multiple dipping chart
Sydney Buses TravelTen multiple dipping chart (enlarge)

My version includes some numbers about how much you’d save (or spend extra) when compared to buying single tickets when using each TravelTen combination. Note that to always be able to make journeys of any length using TravelTens only, but without ever paying more than a cash fare, you need at least one blue, brown and red TravelTen. (Not a bad idea given the growing number of pre-pay only routes and bus stops.)

I know this chart can be improved (particularly adding labels for the colours to improve accessibility), so maybe one day there will be a version 2. Any feedback is of course welcome! :D

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Via Chatswood & Macquarie Park?

New LCD next train indicators on the concourse at Epping Station
Close-up on stopping pattern diagram under indicator showing covered text

While waiting for a train, I finally had time to look around the recently-opened new concourse at Epping Station, which is which is currently being upgraded.

It’s nice, spacious and very modern-looking, using plenty of glass of course. For a template mass-produced station design, I think you can do worse than what the is being rolled out across the CityRail network.

I took some photos of the next train indicators on the concourse, including one which is currently unused. I imagine it will will eventually show trains running via the Epping to Chatswood Rail Line.

Also have a look at the close-up of the stopping pattern diagram for “City via Strathfield” services. Notice where it says trains continue to after travelling past North Sydney? Under the taped-over bit is “& Macquarie Park”.

That’s consistent with speculation that once the Epping to Chatswood Rail Line opens, at least some Northern Line trains will travel to/from City via either the ECRL or Strathfield and then continue back to Hornsby via the other path in a loop.

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574.8 km/h? Steel Wheel on Rail Lives On!

On Tuesday this week, a specially-modified trainset on the French TGV service set staggering new 574.8 km/h world speed record on conventional rail. Yes, on two steel rails with steel wheels turning — none of this maglev nonsense! ;)

That’s pretty fucking cool… can you imagine travelling just under 160 m every second? This smashes the previous record of 515.3 km/h set by an earlier TGV set in 1990, and they even came somewhat close to the ultimate rail speed record of 581 km/h set by the Japanese experimental MLX01 maglev train. Maglev is very cool technology too, but I still think conventional rail wins out on sheer excitement factor when you’re thinking about hurtling along at those speeds that close to the ground hoping you don’t come off the rails!

Be sure to watch the video of the record breaking trip (link at the end)!

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M2 Signage Updated for Westlink M7

Sorry for the extended hiatus! I’ve been much busier than I expected since my return from Queensland and haven’t had time to do any blogging. Here’s just a very quick update — I know I’ve missed out on a lot of recent events, transport or otherwise, and I hope to make up for it in January.

Upon the opening of the Westlink M7 Motorway on 16 Dec 2005, we expected Metroad 7 to be re-signed as the first alphanumeric route, A7/M7 and re-routed along the Westlink M7. However, just about no signage updates were done off the M7 itself and it looked like Metroad 7 signage was here to stay along the Cumberland Highway — until now.

ID signs showing the M2 signed westbound as Metroad 2 and M7, with focal points Blacktown and Canberra
New ID sign facing southbound Pennant Hills Rd traffic turning right onto the M2 Motorway

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Windsor Rd/Old Windsor Rd Roadworks

I was bored yesterday, so I went on a trip up and down Old Windsor Rd and Windsor Rd from Bella Vista up to Rouse Hill. Interesting sights included sections of the roads duplicated in recent years, the North-West T-way under construction and the Westlink M7 interchange nearing completion.

It was obviously a dumb idea to be out given how hot it was, but especially so since I was driving our old Volvo 240GL, which no longer has working air-conditioning. Oh well, at least I took some photos.

future onramp to the M7 from Old Windsor Rd
Onramp to the Westlink M7 eastbound from Old Windsor Rd, looking wide enough to carry two lanes — no markings or signs are here yet though (enlarge)

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Lane Cove Tunnel Falls Apart?

According to all the major media sources this morning, residents living in a block of units near the Longueville Rd northbound exit to Pacific Hwy were woken up at about 02:30 this morning to discover their units were disappearing into a huge gaping hole in the ground and had to be evacuated. Thankfully the building didn’t collapse entirely and no lives were lost.

Originally 4 m wide and 8-10 m deep, the hole has now grown to 10 m wide and continues to widen. The cause is yet to be verified, but there is a ventilation shaft for the under-construction Lane Cove Tunnel 25 m below the building. A Sydney Water main at the location burst at the same time, but it is thought the hole caused the water main to burst, not the other way round.

overhead view of hole and damaged unit block
Overhead view of the 10 m x 10 m hole (source: ABC News)

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MTR to Run Advertising Trains

Ever see vehicles driving around the city carrying nothing but billboards? If you have, I bet you’ve thought that these pieces of moving spam are but a total waste of space and energy, since all they accomplish is act as an eyesore.

Well the MTR metro in Hong Kong is going to take it one step further. In between timetabled passenger train services they’re going to be running advertising trains through the network! :shock:

artist's impression of a 'Spectacular Mobile Showcase' as seen from a station platform
Artist’s impression of a ‘Spectacular Mobile Showcase’ (source: MTR)

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New M2 E-toll Gantries: Photos

Alright, folks… I finally managed to snap some dodgy shots of the new overhead gantries at the M2 Motorway toll booths!

westbound view showing the new overhead e-toll gantries
Westbound view immediately after the toll plaza (enlarge)

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New M2 E-toll Gantries Erected

Here’s a quick update on how the construction of E-toll only lanes at the M2 Motorway toll plaza is progressing. [For other entries in this series, try browsing all posts tagged with both M2 Motorway and electronic tolling.]

Tonight, I saw for the first time that a pair of overhead gantries had been erected on the western side of the toll plaza for citybound traffic. They span two lanes and look quite similar to the gantries being used on the Westlink M7. I would guess they were put up last night (Friday night), as they weren’t there when I passed through yesterday afternoon. I don’t know if the tag readers have been installed on the gantry, but our tag didn’t activate until we reached the existing toll plaza.

When I next pass through there during the day on a bus (or if I’m in the car but not driving), I’ll try and take some photos.

In other news, for the past week or two there have been three E-toll only booths in operation during peak hour in a tidal flow manner, an increase from the maximum of two we have had over the years.

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60 Days, 1 000 000 Frequent Flyer Points

Marc Tacchi
Marc Tacchi, when he’s not a passenger (source: The Great Canadian Mileage Run 2005)

This man is a legend, not to mention getting famous.

Marc Tacchi, from British Columbia, Canada is planning to earn one million Aeroplan frequent flyer points flying Air Canada — enough to net him ten executive class return flights down here (to Australia). If you’re thinking that’s a lot of miles to fly, it gets better. He’s planning on doing it in just 60 days.

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