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Do We Need an Alternative to BillMonk?

It looks like BillMonk, which I rely heavily on, is slowly dying of neglect.

BillMonk’s Facebook application hasn’t worked for months now (check out the complaints!) and adding things to your Library by searching Amazon now never returns any results. The developers are nowhere to be seen.

BillMonk is full-featured, yet simple to use and was (as far as I know) the original ’social money’ application. Back then the developers were great, responding to feedback and fixing bugs. What a shame it all seems to have downhill since they were bought out by Obopay!

So what’s plan B?

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Woolworths Everyday Dumb Error Messages

I tried to register my Woolworths Everyday Rewards card today and encountered this error…

Screenshot of Everyday Rewards website showing the error message text "Password must contain alphabets."

What?! But I only know of the English A-Z alphabet… how am I supposed to include multiple alphabets in my password?

Oh wait… did you mean letters of the alphabet? ;)

Hilarity: 1
Thoughtful Design: 0

The observant among you will also note that the explanatory text originally on the form informs you that passwords must contain at least one digit, but makes no reference to any requirement for letters — poorly thought out indeed. Not to mention, since the password can only be 6-8 characters long, I don’t know how I’d fit 26+ characters even if I wanted to!

(Besides, all this thing protects is the ability to check how many fuel discount vouchers I have… why the need for such a strong password anyway?)

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Google Buys One FB: Is Another One Next?

TechCrunch is reporting that FeedBurner has been acquired by Google for $100 million or so. Bugger.

Listen, I understand that this is great news for FeedBurner and congratulations to them. But as a FeedBurner user, I’m somewhat worried. (The main blog and comments feeds here at Digital Kaleidoscope are run through FeedBurner.)

Will unwanted Google AdSense start appearing in feeds? What will change in the FeedBurner service as it gets Google-fied? What will happen to FeedBurner’s sense of humour? My feed is currently imported into my Facebook notes. Will that have to change depending on the situation with ads?

Speaking of Facebook, there’s always speculation about whether they will be acquired. Again, that’s another one I worry about. I currently trust a good amount of private information to Facebook and I’d hate to see them bought out by Google — I just don’t trust them with any of my data. Even Microsoft would be a better buyer, if Facebook was to sell at all. (Either way, I’d still worry about losing the crisp, clean interface that Facebook currently sports.)

Oh the things that keep me up at night… everything being swallowed up by Google. What has the world come to? ;)

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OK, So I Got Sucked Into Facebook

As the title suggests, I finally signed up for a Facebook account last (Thursday) night. After all these years, yep, I finally succumbed to using at least one social networking/community tool. ;)

But you know what? Facebook is actually pretty cool… I thought it was a bit elitist for Facebook to have initially limited memberships to those who had an affiliation to a university and I’m glad that it’s now more open, but I’ve come to realise the easy way to identify other friends in your networks is really its key strength. It now also seems to be useful for those outside Australia. Oh, and it’s well implemented, with a UX that is on the whole pretty and functional.

For my Digital Media friends, I think you’re all missing out (as I don’t think any of you are on here)… it’s actually a great way of identifying any mutual friends you have with others that you had no idea about. It’s also a good way to catch friends from high school or earlier who you haven’t seen for a while!

That’s the reason I’ve finally signed up. I realised many of my friends used it, and I figured anything that truly helps me keep in touch with them is a good thing, right? (I actually think many of my non-Digital Media friends are much more into this stuff. Weird? Or maybe the geeks are just too cool for this.)

P.S. No, this does not mean I will soon have a MySpace.

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Telstra Heartbeat to Beat No More

Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…

What’s that sound? I just read on Whirlpool that Telstra will finally be phasing out the annoying Heartbeat system for BigPond Cable customers, a move that’s a mere 45 000 years overdue.

The Heartbeat required devices connected to the cable modem — whether that’s an individual computer running the BigPond Cable login client or, more commonly, a router — to regularly respond to a kind of ping from BigPond in order to remain connected to the service.

This created a ridiculous number of problems for people setting up and using routers that didn’t always cope with the Heartbeat. Not to mention, in recent years even those with only one computer have occasionally wanted to connect to their cable Xboxes and the like — except none of these know how to deal with the Heartbeat.

Goodbye Heartbeat, you won’t be missed. :evil:

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About Time: SMH Website Redesign

The website of Sydney broadsheet newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, smh.com.au, has been redesigned once again. Earlier this week I noticed that the SMH’s sister newspaper in Melbourne, The Age, had been given a makeover and wondered why we Sydneysiders were missing out — no more, since the new SMH site finally launched on Thursday (03 Nov 2005).

It’s interesting that they don’t seem to have publicised the changes that well. There is a Flash introduction to what’s new that my friend Fiona pointed out to me, but I don’t see this linked from anywhere on the site. All I could find was a blog entry about the redesign.

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