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Windows Search is Broken — Help, Anyone?!

Screenshot of Windows Search error

OK, take a look at the screenshot from my Tablet.

If I search from within an existing Windows Explorer window (using the search box in the top-right), it works fine. If I search from the Start Menu, it also displays the results in the Start Menu itself fine. Search in Outlook also works.

But if I open the Start Menu to search and then click the “See all results” link, I get 5 blank files displayed in the results area that I can’t interact with in any way. (what the above screenshot shows). If I open the Start Menu, click on Search, and then search using the search box, I also get the same error.

I’ve restored by Indexing Options to the default settings and rebuilt the database, but I still get the same thing.

I suspect some component of Windows Search just needs to be reregistered for the view in Windows Explorer to work again. At least, that would have been my guess for Windows XP. But this is Windows Vista. What gives? :cry:

(Update: I fixed it by uninstalling Nokia PC Suite. I have no idea how that could have been responsible, but it fixed it… even after a repair installation of Windows Vista failed to fix it. The most puzzling part is that I reinstalled Nokia PC Suite and it didn’t reproduce the problem.)

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No Outlook, It Wasn’t Bloody Helpful!

Microsoft Outlook error message: Could not open the item. Try again. (Was this information helpful?)

Try again? Of course, when I try again to categorise multiple pieces of mail at a time, the exact same thing happens. C’mon at least give me a hint about what’s causing this error? Please?

A true abomination in user experience design from Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. To add insult to injury, I can of course submit feedback about how useful the information was. Listen mate, it couldn’t have been more fucking useless!

(To be fair, I eventually found out the problem was caused by avast! anti-virus… after like two days of painstaking troubleshooting to isolate the cause. The builds since 4.7.981 all cause the problem, so I’ve reverted to build 4.7.942 and it’s working fine again.)

(Update: Going back to 4.7.942 seemed to fix the Trillian problem, but the Outlook problem still persists. Arrrrrrgh! :evil: )

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Cool Ship Gifts for the Windows Vista Team

It’s apparently a Microsoft tradition for those were on the team for a product to receive a gift once the product ships. For Windows Vista, it looks like they went to some effort to make up some Very Cool Things™ for the team!

Larry Osterman has details:
Vista Ship Gifts
Vista Ship Gift, Part 2

Check them out… it would definitely be way cool as a developer to keep a cube of all the milestone builds of your product sitting on your desk as memorabilia!

(Spotted on the Windows Vista Team Blog.)

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Sexier: Windows Vista Packaging Opened

Windows Vista Ultimate package opened showing DVD inside

(Found this on MSTechToday.)

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Sexy: Packaging for Vista and Office 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate box with black background

Microsoft will be heading down a new path for product packaging starting with Windows Vista and Office 2007. As you can see, it’s simple and damn sexy! I love simple understated packaging, I love transparent materials and I love nice gentle curves. So naturally, I think it’s brilliant! I just hope that the back isn’t cluttered unnecessary information in lists like every other Microsoft box to date! ;)

It wasn’t exactly a big secret, as it matches the icons that we have so far seen for the Windows Vista beta installation DVDs and icons in the Welcome Centre and Microsoft has previously also experimented with plastic packaging for it’s Macintosh products. They plan to continue this new idea for other products in the future.

(More box shots of other editions after the jump…)

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W00t! The OneNote Team Fixed My Bug!

There’s been a bug with the ‘Move Page To’ context menu function in OneNote 2007 Beta 2 that’s been bugging me (hah) for ages now. Unlike in OneNote 2003, it doesn’t show the path for where the notebook is stored, making the feature almost useless for me.

I took some screenshots comparing the behaviour between the two versions of OneNote, put them together and submitted it to Microsoft Connect. I wasn’t even sure if the file got uploaded properly and despite comments on the bug in Connect that it had been fixed, I was disappointed to find it still present in the Beta 2 Technical Refresh.

But I have no doubt now that’s now been fixed! See the last bug mentioned in this post on Dan Escapa’s OneNote Extensibility & More blog: Customer Feedback — a Success Story & Thank you.

That’s the bug! That’s the screenshot I posted to Connect! They fixed it! Kudos to the OneNote team for really listening to your customers. :D

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Fuck You, iTunes 7

Have you installed Apple’s iTunes 7 on your Windows PC yet? And then tried to delete the iTunes shortcut from your desktop or move/rename the iTunes folder on your Start Menu?

If yes, then you’ll have found the same thing I did… that every time you launch iTunes, it gets Windows Installer to replace the shortcuts for you. Want a clean desktop? Not possible. Want to put iTunes straight in the All Programs folder and not inside the iTunes subfolder? Not possible.

Or is it…?

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Adobe Lightroom Looks Promising

screenshot of Adobe Lightoom
Adobe Lightroom’s library module displaying images in grid view (enlarge)

Once again, I have returned from the dead to post a new blog entry! I’ve finally had a chance to play with beta 3 of Adobe Lightroom, and thus far I’m impressed, even though Lightroom is hideously, ridiculously slow. (I’m running it on Windows Vista beta 2, by the way.)

I think I’ll love Lightroom. But I just don’t know how it will fit in my workflow.

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Windows Vista Beta 2: Surprisingly Stable

Windows Vista Beta 2 Setup

This week I finally had the time to install the publically-released Windows Vista Beta 2 (build 5384). While there were some expected problems to overcome, it’s mostly been good going.

Is it suitable for use as your primary OS? Well that’s what I’ll be trying to do. (Admittedly, I’m only dual-booting my desktop, so if anything goes wrong Windows XP is only a reboot away. I also still have Windows XP running on my Tablet PC.)

I had some inital problems and I’m now on my third clean install of Windows Vista. I’ve got a few hints that might save you some grief.

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