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Yay, My Xbox 360 Now Does 1080p! Except…

With the latest Xbox 360 update that I just grabbed off Xbox Live, my console gains the ability to output 1080p video over component cables. Great! Microsoft finally delivered on their promise… and yes, they got there before the PS3 finally arrives too. So all is good yeah?

Well, no. My Dell 2405FPW LCD doesn’t like it at all. It complains:

Can not display this mode

Yep, that’s right. My LCD won’t display 1080p over component. And you know what? At least nine out of ten LCD owners out there aren’t going to have screens that can display that either. (Nor is their magic in HDMI-land.)

Sure… there’s been an incredible amount of hype about 1080p today. (Sony can yell “only 1080p is the real HD” all they want.) But that’s reality — there’s only four whole people in the whole world who will benefit right now. :roll:

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Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Buy a Gizmondo?

Wired: Gizmondo’s Spectacular Crack-up

Directors of the game device company went on living large long after their handheld flopped. Then a high-speed Ferrari crash blew their world to bits.

An Enzo crash at over 300 km/h, a private police force, underworld connections, a modelling company and oh, a pie-in-the-sky handheld gaming console and multimedia communicator product too… what a sordid tale! I imagine someone will write a book about it all one day.

(Thanks to Raymond Chen’s The Old New Thing for the heads up.)

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South Park Meets WoW — Wow, Lollerksates!

The South Park crew finally do a send-up of World of Warcraft, and with the support of Blizzard no less. This is so frikken hilarious… definitely the best 22 minutes I’ve spent all week (even if it seems a little bit like a big WoW ad)! Do not miss it!

“How do you kill, that which has no life?” :D

Make Love, Not Warcraft
Season 10, episode 1008 (04 Oct 2006)
Watch on YouTube or download

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Halo 3, Here We Come!

Master Chief standing upon the ruins of Earth

Bungie Shocks World with Surprise Game Announcement:

Nobody saw it coming. Halo 3! Who knew? For the last year or two, people have speculated about what our next project was and surprisingly, in all that time, not a single person guessed that it would be Halo 3. Not one.

We declare it the best kept secret ever.

Oh very funny, Bungie!

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Sony, You’re Right Royally Fucked Now!

PlayStation 3 basic SKU: AUD $829 / USD $499 / €499
PlayStation 3 premium SKU: AUD $999 / USD $599 / €599

PlayStation 3 pricing
PS3 pricing revealed at pre-E3 Sony press conference (source: Joystiq)

Sony, what were you thinking?

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