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Cruel, Pointless: Nguyen Tuong Van’s Death

Any Australian, and indeed many others around the world, would be aware of the unfortunate plight of Australian Nguyen Tuong Van. In case my use of the words ‘unfortunate plight’ has not already made it clear, I believe Nguyen’s execution this morning at 09:00 AEDT is undeserved and inhumane.

Nguyen reportedly only entered the drug trade voluntarily to help pay debts his twin brother had accumulated from legal costs and a previous heroin addiction, but will not let his brother be blamed for his predicament. He has even banned his lawyers from ever questioning his brother over the crime (source: News.com.au). How is such a punishment commensurate to the crime committed?

Nguyen has also had the courage and dignity to remain strong for his family and friends in the face of certain death, even as they break down around him. It is a man and a family capable of such love that will be destroyed this morning, without even an opportunity for Nguyen’s mother to embrace her son one final time. How can any human being inflict such suffering on another?

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WWW00000000000TTTT! (It’s not exactly a goooaaall if it’s a shootout, is it? ;) ) After 32 years, Australia’s off to the World Cup! You rock, Socceroos! add

Usability Problems in Antibiotics?

My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics, Diclocil (Dicloxacillin 500 mg), for an infection I have and I’ve been trying hard to take them as instructed.. except it’s impossible. The instructions are to:

  • Take one capsule every six hours
  • Take on an empty stomach (at least one hour before meals or two hours after)
  • Take at bedtime

In case it’s not already painfully obvious, these restrictions make the instructions hard to follow for anyone who wants to try and live life on a sane schedule.

Recall that there are 24 hours in a day. So if you are to take them six hours apart, you need to do it exactly six hours apart, four times a day. Unfortunately, we also need to take them on an empty stomach, but we generally have three meals a day. In addition, humans tend to sleep for roughly eight hours a night and usually have breakfast when they wake up.

Seriously, who the hell came up with this? Talk about products designed without considering the whole human condition!

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Mark Latham and the ALP

Mark Latham and the Australia Labor Party — which is more sad?

Earlier tonight I watched Andrew Denton’s interview of Mark Latham on Enough Rope (ABC TV), having missed its unexpected airing last week. For those not familar with the situation here, today marks the release of Latham’s book The Latham Diaries in which he offers a scathing critique of the ALP, the people involved and politics in general.

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