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Garfish, Revisited

We visited Garfish for dinner tonight (at Crows Nest this time) as it was Mom’s birthday. The food was even better than the last time Lucy and I visited Garfish — I was delighted to see my ocean trout was succulent even at the thickest part — and the service was friendly.

whole crisp-fried barramundi with three-flavoured sauce and bok choy
Whole crisp-fried barramundi with three-flavoured sauce and bok choy (enlarge)

More photos after the jump…

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An Inconvenient Truth — Must-See

'An Inconvenient Truth' poster

Some of you may know that I basically get no perks whatsoever for volunteering my time to run the COFA Students’ Association. Well… that’s not always true. ;) PricewaterhouseCoopers, our consultants, ran a screening tonight for their clients of Al Gore’s new film about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth.

Each and every person should see this film — without exception.

You may not like the structure of the film, which is essentially a lecture on the topic delivered by Gore (using Apple Keynote, I think). Or you may not like Gore himself, who actually does narrate the entire thing. Even I must admit I did get sick of his voice by the end of the film, and it dragged on a little and took a while to get to the final third. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is the message — and it is absolutely compelling.

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Recent Adventures in Food and Drink

Here are some of the places I’ve been eating out at these past few months that I’ve neglected to mention. There are two here from Queensland that I visited with my Digital Media friends on our Noosa ’spring break’.

The Boathouse Floating Restaurant, Noosaville
The Boathouse is really on the Noosa River, as seen from the shore at Noosaville

(read on for reviews of the Galley at the Boathouse, Ivory Bar, Fish Face, Tapenade and Thai Foon…)

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Jan’s Birthday — Back to the ’80s

Jan had her 21st on Sunday and the dress-up theme was “the best or worst things to have come out of the ’80s”. Sadly not everybody made it and I was woefully late (took me hours to find something to wear!), but it was still hilarious while it lasted…

Houmer in costume with mullet wig and sunglasses
Look, Houmer’s mullet looks a bit like Julian’s normal hair (enlarge)

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I’m Back and I Survived COFA Annual 05

Hey everyone, sorry for not having updated Digital Kaleidoscope for almost two weeks! I’ve been extremely busy organising the Digital Media graduate screenings for COFA Annual 05, our end-of-year exhibition.

Let me start to make up for it by posting some photos and video from the partying that followed opening night. We started at the Palace, then onto the Judgement and then to Kings Cross, before we all finally crashed at Jason’s again.

Johnny on Jason's back
Waiting at Taylor Sq deciding where to go next, Johnny and Jason just couldn’t wait to get it on (enlarge)

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Last weekend, Lucy and I paid a visit to Garfish at Kirribilli, a quiet, little restaurant on the eastern side of the Harbour Bridge near Bradfield Park (the park under the Harbour Bridge’s northern approach) and Milsons Point station. We’d spotted the place on an earlier visit to the area and vowed to return.

Garfish’s side street seemed unusually quiet to us, a contrast to the busier joints further down the street towards Bradfield Park. But being Saturday night we weren’t surprised to have to wait for a table. (We ended up waiting about half an hour.) Luckily, Garfish didn’t disappoint.

Dish of grilled garfish with lemon and thyme risotto
Grilled garfish with lemon and thyme risotto

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At Last: an Australian iTunes Music Store!

It didn’t happen in January and it failed to materialise even when Russell Crowe said it would (in April), but today Apple finally launched the Australian version of the iTunes Music Store.

I bet my friend Jo will be happy about this! She’s been very excited about this… even going as far as to suggest that the iPod nano, Motorola ROKR, and iTunes 6 have all been signs we were about to get our own iTMS. Well, somehow I don’t think Australia is that important — I’m sure these releases would’ve happened even if our entire continent suddenly got sucked up by a giant sea monster a few months ago. But hey, I’m excited too!

I’m far from an Apple fanboy and I’m still a poor student, but I do own an iPod Photo and listen to a good deal of music. So it was with great anticipation tonight that I launched iTunes, browsed to the new Australian iTMS and setting up my my Apple ID as in iTMS account. Sadly, this is where the joy ended.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' poster

This weekend, Lucy and I finally got around to watching Tim Burton’s new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka — a shame we waited so long!

I’m not going to compare this adaptation to Roald Dahl’s book or the 1971 film as neither are exactly fresh in my memory, but I’ll assume you’ve read or seen either of those and include some spoilers in this review.

Johnny Depp’s performance was just amazing! Deliciously quirky in his silliness and masterfully hilarious as a mischievous, slightly unhinged Willy Wonka, how he managed to keep a straight face I’ll never know. I certainly couldn’t while watching Depp — on a few occasions, Lucy had to cover my mouth to stop me from giggling uncontrollably. :roll:

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Accused Pirate Fights Back Against RIAA

The RIAA has been suing alleged music pirates left right and centre. Now someone is fighting back.

A news article on Ars Technica by Ryan Paul (aka segphault) reports that Tanya Anderson, a 42 year old disabled single mother from Oregon, was accused of downloading gangster rap via Kazaa. Denying the claims, she filed a countersuit against the RIAA.

She claims that the organization engaged in numerous crimes, including fraud, deceptive business practices, and racketeering. In addition, she claims that RIAA has been “abusing the federal court judicial system for the purpose of waging a public relations and public threat campaign targeting digital file sharing activities.

The news article concludes with the most hilarious line I’ve heard all week:

If the RIAA is found guilty of fraud and extortion, I bet that SCO will sue them for infringement of a business methods patent.

These are serious allegations, but would you put it past the RIAA? The lawsuits will undoubtedly cost an enormous amount to fight out, and the RIAA most certainly has deeper pockets than a 42 year old single mother. So my only question this is: how can we help?

Woman countersues RIAA for fraud and deceptive business practices

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Café Fellini on Victoria

After watching Little Fish on Sunday, Lucy and I spent too long talking about it in the car afterwards. So by the time we left to have dinner, it was already quite late. We decided to head to Fish Face at Darlinghurst — except they don’t do Sundays. Alright, then how about our favourite restaurant, Wasavie, in Paddington? Ah, they close a bit earlier on Sundays.

So by now we were desperate, petrified at the though of having to starve to death (in Sydney city no less). So we ended up at Café Fellini on Victoria St, Darlinghurst. Luciky, the kitchen was still open!

It’s a little place, open out the front, coolly lit. I had the Penne Calabrese, which was way too salty and Lucy had the Salmon Ravioli (with white sauce), which was miserable all-round. Oh, and we had garlic bread. What can I say? We were hungry. The service was cold and uncaring, but I must admit passable.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 — stay away unless you’re desperate.

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