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30 Days of SPAM: This Guy is My Hero!

Never let it be said that I only like great food at nice restaurants and that I don’t like simple food as well… for I love SPAM! And OMG look, someone else does too!

To celebrate the release of the book The Book of SPAM, this guy, who calls himself the SPAMFAN, is going to eat SPAM for 30 days straight, from 30 July to 28 August!

Did you know that it’s the 70th birthday of SPAM this year? Me neither, but now I’m inspired! Hmmm… ;)

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Garfish, Revisited

We visited Garfish for dinner tonight (at Crows Nest this time) as it was Mom’s birthday. The food was even better than the last time Lucy and I visited Garfish — I was delighted to see my ocean trout was succulent even at the thickest part — and the service was friendly.

whole crisp-fried barramundi with three-flavoured sauce and bok choy
Whole crisp-fried barramundi with three-flavoured sauce and bok choy (enlarge)

More photos after the jump…

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Recent Adventures in Food and Drink

Here are some of the places I’ve been eating out at these past few months that I’ve neglected to mention. There are two here from Queensland that I visited with my Digital Media friends on our Noosa ’spring break’.

The Boathouse Floating Restaurant, Noosaville
The Boathouse is really on the Noosa River, as seen from the shore at Noosaville

(read on for reviews of the Galley at the Boathouse, Ivory Bar, Fish Face, Tapenade and Thai Foon…)

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Last weekend, Lucy and I paid a visit to Garfish at Kirribilli, a quiet, little restaurant on the eastern side of the Harbour Bridge near Bradfield Park (the park under the Harbour Bridge’s northern approach) and Milsons Point station. We’d spotted the place on an earlier visit to the area and vowed to return.

Garfish’s side street seemed unusually quiet to us, a contrast to the busier joints further down the street towards Bradfield Park. But being Saturday night we weren’t surprised to have to wait for a table. (We ended up waiting about half an hour.) Luckily, Garfish didn’t disappoint.

Dish of grilled garfish with lemon and thyme risotto
Grilled garfish with lemon and thyme risotto

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Café Fellini on Victoria

After watching Little Fish on Sunday, Lucy and I spent too long talking about it in the car afterwards. So by the time we left to have dinner, it was already quite late. We decided to head to Fish Face at Darlinghurst — except they don’t do Sundays. Alright, then how about our favourite restaurant, Wasavie, in Paddington? Ah, they close a bit earlier on Sundays.

So by now we were desperate, petrified at the though of having to starve to death (in Sydney city no less). So we ended up at Café Fellini on Victoria St, Darlinghurst. Luciky, the kitchen was still open!

It’s a little place, open out the front, coolly lit. I had the Penne Calabrese, which was way too salty and Lucy had the Salmon Ravioli (with white sauce), which was miserable all-round. Oh, and we had garlic bread. What can I say? We were hungry. The service was cold and uncaring, but I must admit passable.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 — stay away unless you’re desperate.

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