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How Much is the Braid Soundtrack Worth?

I loved Braid, the Xbox Live Arcade game, and the amazingly fitting music was a large part of the charm. So when I heard that music from Braid was available as an official soundtrack… oh, how excitement! Clear impulse buy. ;)

But how much is it worth?

It turns out that all the music featured in the Braid soundtrack was licensed from Magnatune, an indie label focused on “we are not evil” online DRM-free distribution. You can choose how much you want to pay, between USD $5–18, for each one-off album download. (They also offer subscription options.)

Magnatune Albums: Choose a Price (Flickr screenshot by Cryptarcadian)

I like how it tells you what a typical amount is! Apparently that’s $8, with $12 being considered generous, and $15 being “VERY generous”. I don’t know why, but I expected people would pay more. After all, half the proceeds goes directly to the artists, right?

I was originally thinking maybe $10, but maybe $15? Now I’m rather inclined to pay more. Oh how easily I can be suckered into paying more. How can I resist, when it’s something I’m supposed to feel good about? :D

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I Finally Have a Pair of Cons!

Seriously, I thought this was significant enough to warrant a blog post. ;)

Sure, maybe it would actually have been cool if I got a pair maybe a decade ago, but I guess it took me this long to find a pair that I liked that happened to be on sale!

1HUND(RED) Artist #58 Steve Monti
100 People, Hi, Canvas/Leather

It’s actually one of the (PRODUCT) RED ones, so supposedly some small part of the proceeds (hugely disproportionate to the marketing spend of course) is donated to the fight against AIDS. I guess Bono would be proud?

I actually have owned a single Converse shoe prior to this. Well, sort of… it was a kind of miniature one that was actually a pencil case. I remember in maths one year, I got yelled at by the teacher to get that shoe off my desk, until she came over and discovered that it was actually a pencil case. How hilarity! :lol:

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Sneaky Sound System: TOO DAMN AWESOME!!

Lucy and I went to see Sneaky Sound System at the Enmore on Friday night, where they were playing on their 2 album tour.

Sneaky Sound System front trio

“TOO DAMN AWESOME!” barely does them justice… they are such a great act in the flesh, and boy do Miss Connie and Black Angus know just how to perform for the crowd!

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Battle of the Choirs — I Might Actually Care!

Wow… for the first time in years, I might actually have found a TV show I care enough about to watch at broadcast time! And not just any TV show either, but a talent quest reality show to boot — Seven’s Battle of the Choirs.

I think the difference here is that all the participants are actually quite likeable, if sometimes for different reasons. There’s energy and passion that goes beyond personal ambition from the choirs, and I think the conflict between the judges is usually about genuine differences in their assessments of the the choirs’ performances (rather than disagreements that, in other shows, have seemed gimmicky or manufactured).

Having said that though, my sister remembers Torbay from Australian Girls Choir and we do think that there is still a healthy dose of exaggeration for the sake of TV going on here! ;) Besides, it seemed like in the end he actually wanted (spoiler alerthover over text to reveal) the Sunbury Divas to make it though tonight?! When did he change his mind?

Lastly, I don’t even mind Kochie here, so the show must be alright! :D

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30 Days of SPAM: This Guy is My Hero!

Never let it be said that I only like great food at nice restaurants and that I don’t like simple food as well… for I love SPAM! And OMG look, someone else does too!

To celebrate the release of the book The Book of SPAM, this guy, who calls himself the SPAMFAN, is going to eat SPAM for 30 days straight, from 30 July to 28 August!

Did you know that it’s the 70th birthday of SPAM this year? Me neither, but now I’m inspired! Hmmm… ;)

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The Blood of Kings — It’s All Over… Essay Time!

After more than two months of work, fun, frustration and elation, it’s finally over. The last show for The Blood of Kings played on Saturday night, to a sold-out audience in Studio 1. For me, who has never been Producer on a theatre production before, it was a crazy, brilliant, rollercoaster ride… but one that was more than worth a trip on.

It actually started shortly after O-Week this year, when Clairie first mentioned that she was looking for someone to produce a play that she had written. I made comments to the effect of: I don’t know anyone suitable and well, I had no experience in producing theatre. When Clairie later told me she had found someone interested in producing BoK though, I was, of course secretly disappointed. ;)

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Come and Watch The Blood of Kings!

'The Blood of Kings' poster
(Creative Commons license does not apply to this image)

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A New Era in Digital Music — DRM-Free

Wow, it’s finally happened. Hell has frozen over. In May, EMI will start selling songs on the iTunes Music Store without DRM in AAC format at the higher bitrate of 256 kbps! USD $1.29 per song, while album pricing remains unchanged.

AAC can be played on most current Digital Audio Players, not just iPods. Make no mistake — this is a landmark day for digital distribution of music, and it’s now only a matter of time before the other major players sign-up and offer the same thing. This is one of those times where I’m glad we have Steve Jobs to do what he is good at (even I can’t see Bill Gates getting such a deal out of EMI)!

I think it’s a great win-win for all. EMI gets the price hike they wanted, consumers get DRM-free music at a higher quality (helps justify the higher price), and Apple gets an instant halving in iPod capacity. The new pricing structure will also encourage consumers to look towards buying whole albums again, but at least they won’t be screwed over because you can upgrade existing purchases to the new DRM-free AACs for USD $0.30 per song. Increased sales and great PR for massive damage.

This is great news and might mark the start of digital music purchases for me! Wow, I’m actually excited… (I still hate iTMS, but since there is no DRM I can safely run it inside a Windows XP VM or something.)

EMI press release: EMI Music launches DRM-free superior sound quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire

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Wow, My BDM Friends Gave Me a Camera!

To start this story off, a bit of history: Since I went back to Hong Kong in July 2005, I’ve been the proud owner of a Casio Exilim EX-Z750 camera. I loved the camera to death, having taken over 8 000 photos and videos with it to date and having played a part in convincing two of my friends and my cousin to all buy the same camera.

Unfortunately, the camera’s lens decided to stuff up in September last year, just outside of the warranty period. Contrary to what some believe, I always looked after my camera and have never dropped or damaged it — I have no idea what caused it to break. I have since been without a camera because the cost of fixing it would have been the same as the cost of a new one. All in all, stressful.

Luckily, for my recent 22nd birthday, Lucy and my Digital Media friends together bought me a new camera — the Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 — and they surprised me with it on Friday night while we were out for dinner and drinks in Newtown! I was ecstatic, as I had totally not expected something like that… I still can’t believe they managed to organise it without me ever being suspicious, considering the number of camera-related conversations I’ve had recently! ;)

It was the perfect solution to my current photography woes, and what better solution than to get a camera from my friends that I could use all the time and remember where it came from? Fittingly, the first few photos were all photos of our group (except for Adz, Tim and Albert who couldn’t make it):

My BDM friends and I at my birthday dinner at Twelve, Newtown
Left to right: Houmer, Adam, me, Lucy, Julian, Johnny, Fiona, Jason (enlarge)

Thank you so much guys, you’re all the best and I love you all! I was incredibly happy on the night and even on Sunday morning when I was at Lucy’s place to pick up the camera, I still hadn’t gotten over it yet. :D

And I wish the story could happily end here…

(Update: Oops, I forgot to mention Adz as well, who was also part of this! :oops: )

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It’s My Birthday! How About a Wishlist?

Well, it’s my birthday today (hooray, I’m getting old!) so I thought I’d post what’s currently on my wishlist. I’m sure I’m not going to get my hands on a 70″ HDTV anytime soon, but c’mon… humour me, let me dream! :D

Some of the highlights (mostly the crazy, unrealistic things!) are below. See the full list after the jump. Whatdayathink? Do you have one of these already? Is it worth getting? Know where to get them cheap if I want to say, buy myself a present sometime soon? ;)

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