Sydney Buses TravelTen multiple dipping chart

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It’s no secret that public transport in Sydney is not as straightforward as it could be, and one of the particularly complex areas is our various ticketing systems.

Did you know that on Sydney Buses services, you can either validate a TravelTen multiple times or validate a combination of multiple TravelTens to legitimately pay for a longer-distance fare?

There used to be a chart produced by Sydney Buses that showed you these combinations (circa 2000), but aside from occasionally seeing one taped to the driver’s console on some buses, they appear all but extinct. So I decided to make a modernised version:

Sydney Buses TravelTen multiple dipping chart
Sydney Buses TravelTen multiple dipping chart (enlarge)

My version includes some numbers about how much you’d save (or spend extra) when compared to buying single tickets when using each TravelTen combination. Note that to always be able to make journeys of any length using TravelTens only, but without ever paying more than a cash fare, you need at least one blue, brown and red TravelTen. (Not a bad idea given the growing number of pre-pay only routes and bus stops.)

I know this chart can be improved (particularly adding labels for the colours to improve accessibility), so maybe one day there will be a version 2. Any feedback is of course welcome! :D

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