How Much is the Braid Soundtrack Worth?

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I loved Braid, the Xbox Live Arcade game, and the amazingly fitting music was a large part of the charm. So when I heard that music from Braid was available as an official soundtrack… oh, how excitement! Clear impulse buy. ;)

But how much is it worth?

It turns out that all the music featured in the Braid soundtrack was licensed from Magnatune, an indie label focused on “we are not evil” online DRM-free distribution. You can choose how much you want to pay, between USD $5–18, for each one-off album download. (They also offer subscription options.)

Magnatune Albums: Choose a Price (Flickr screenshot by Cryptarcadian)

I like how it tells you what a typical amount is! Apparently that’s $8, with $12 being considered generous, and $15 being “VERY generous”. I don’t know why, but I expected people would pay more. After all, half the proceeds goes directly to the artists, right?

I was originally thinking maybe $10, but maybe $15? Now I’m rather inclined to pay more. Oh how easily I can be suckered into paying more. How can I resist, when it’s something I’m supposed to feel good about? :D

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