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Do We Need an Alternative to BillMonk?

It looks like BillMonk, which I rely heavily on, is slowly dying of neglect.

BillMonk’s Facebook application hasn’t worked for months now (check out the complaints!) and adding things to your Library by searching Amazon now never returns any results. The developers are nowhere to be seen.

BillMonk is full-featured, yet simple to use and was (as far as I know) the original ’social money’ application. Back then the developers were great, responding to feedback and fixing bugs. What a shame it all seems to have downhill since they were bought out by Obopay!

So what’s plan B?

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Microsoft Marketing: Some of it Rocks!

You know, not all the marketing out there for Microsoft products sucks. Take a look at these awesome little animated interstitial pieces for the Zune produced by the studio Nervo!

Zune Liquid (Flickr photo by

Watch the Zune animations at the site (seriously, have a look!)
View the full Zune Package photo set on Flickr

How amazingly cool are they?! Now where are Microsoft actually going to use them?

And what about this one by the Wexley School for Girls agency to promote the web slices feature of Internet Explorer 8? (I’m not sure about web slices, but you have to admit, it’s a brilliant viral piece to send around!)

Precautionary End-User Irresponsible Internet Slicing Emergency Accident Kit

Precautionary End-User Irresponsible Internet Slicing Emergency Accident Kit (Flickr photo by Long Zheng)

So why is it so hard for Microsoft to get some decent ads made about Windows Vista?! :cry:

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