Sneaky Sound System: TOO DAMN AWESOME!!

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Lucy and I went to see Sneaky Sound System at the Enmore on Friday night, where they were playing on their 2 album tour.

Sneaky Sound System front trio

“TOO AWESOME!” barely does them justice… they are such a great act in the flesh, and boy do Miss Connie and Black Angus know just how to perform for the crowd!

We got there too early, but hey… that just meant we got to right up the front. Which is just as well, since Black Angus was cool enough to hang around there for a bit, taking cameras that we handed to him and taking some snaps! Say… like these: :D

Black Angus, self-portrait!
Black Angus, self-portrait!

Lucy and I, as taken by Black Angus!
Lucy and I, as taken by Black Angus!

All that and it was what… $50? What a bargain. I would’ve even paid more to not have to see The Duke of Windsor. ;) Sneaky Sound System are seriously such a great, fun band to see live… I would so totally see them again even next week!

Miss Connie
Miss Connie

Black Angus
Black Angus

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