NSW Police Bring Shame to Sydney During APEC

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ninemsn has video footage of an incident in which a 52-year old father was thrown to the ground and arrested in front of his young son for attempting to cross the road, apparently unaware of an approaching motorcade: 9RAW: Police arrest a man in Sydney’s CBD

Overnight, the man was then held without bail or even access to a lawyer for 22 hours. It’s just sickening, isn’t it?

This incident, which has rightfully had some media coverage this weekend, is just one example of NSW Police overstepping their mark during the APEC summit here in Sydney. Other incidents include the police attempting to arrest protesters peacefully sitting in Hyde Park, until they realised that the area was outside the APEC exclusion zone and allegations abound that police removed required identification while around protesters so it would be harder to identify them later and accuse them of assault.

When I was in the northern part of the city on Thursday, walking through the concrete and steel fence jungle that is fortress Sydney, with unprecedented police presence at every intersection and the sound of helicopters constantly flying overhead, I was truly amazed at the overbearing atmosphere that has taken over our beautiful city — it really felt like I was in some sort of city under siege or moments away from full-scale rioting and massive civil unrest. We let what happen to our city? And for what?!

Of course, none of the expected violence ever eventuated. Not that you’d know the way our police were more than happy to abuse the unnecessary and extraordinary powers granted them. In fact, they are proudly unrepentant.

(Update: It looks like international media like the BBC are starting to give this the coverage it deserves… on their website for now, at least. And I forgot to mention originally… no wonder the police don’t see humour in their bungled waving of the Chaser team through two security checkpoints, as to do so would mean they need to accept they failed miserably in simply doing their jobs!)

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  • . Johnny  |  12 years, 11 months ago


    My friend’s a copper as well. lolz

  • . Stephen Mok  |  12 years, 11 months ago

    And look, it’s pretty much disappeared completely under the radar now!

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