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30 Days of SPAM: This Guy is My Hero!

Never let it be said that I only like great food at nice restaurants and that I don’t like simple food as well… for I love SPAM! And OMG look, someone else does too!

To celebrate the release of the book The Book of SPAM, this guy, who calls himself the SPAMFAN, is going to eat SPAM for 30 days straight, from 30 July to 28 August!

Did you know that it’s the 70th birthday of SPAM this year? Me neither, but now I’m inspired! Hmmm… ;)

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The Blood of Kings — It’s All Over… Essay Time!

After more than two months of work, fun, frustration and elation, it’s finally over. The last show for The Blood of Kings played on Saturday night, to a sold-out audience in Studio 1. For me, who has never been Producer on a theatre production before, it was a crazy, brilliant, rollercoaster ride… but one that was more than worth a trip on.

It actually started shortly after O-Week this year, when Clairie first mentioned that she was looking for someone to produce a play that she had written. I made comments to the effect of: I don’t know anyone suitable and well, I had no experience in producing theatre. When Clairie later told me she had found someone interested in producing BoK though, I was, of course secretly disappointed. ;)

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Definitive: GIF is Pronounced “jif”

I’ve been trying to convince everyone for years that GIF, as in the Graphics Interchange Format file format for images, is pronounced “jif” like in “jiffy”, not like in “gift”. But noooo, some people just don’t believe me.

Well Steve Olsen has kindly put together collected evidence on why it’s meant to be pronounced “jif”. Thanks Steve, for the great service to humanity you’ve done!

It’s pronounced like “jif”. Period. The end. That’s final. End of story.

See The GIF Pronunciation Page.

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Come and Watch The Blood of Kings!

'The Blood of Kings' poster
(Creative Commons license does not apply to this image)

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