I Hate Incompetence and I Hate Mediocrity

Topic: The Real World 13 years ago

Arrrrrrrrrgh! :evil:

I hate incompetent people. I’m sick and tired of people who don’t give a shit and just do a crap half-arsed job all the time. Whatever happened to striving for excellence, in everything that we do? Be confident in all that you do, but please, learn to do it well.

I also hate mediocrity. I would in the end rather you aim high, genuinely try and then fail, instead of aiming for the bare minimum and not trying at all. At least in the former, you have a chance of do something great. Too many people choose the latter option and are thus destined to mediocrity. In fact, the world seems increasingly full of them.

Please, don’t give up. Don’t be one of them. :cry:

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  • . Adam Searle  |  13 years ago

    Agreed son, agreed.

    This takes me back to one of those design philosophy lectures. They captured the imagination. (on the downside, when you left, I had fuck all idea what I’d learnt – just wrapped up in the moment)

    Something about make everything beautiful and great and significant. I remembered that bit at least!

  • . Stephen Mok  |  12 years, 2 months ago

    Hear hear, StrongSpirit! :)

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