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Google Buys One FB: Is Another One Next?

TechCrunch is reporting that FeedBurner has been acquired by Google for $100 million or so. Bugger.

Listen, I understand that this is great news for FeedBurner and congratulations to them. But as a FeedBurner user, I’m somewhat worried. (The main blog and comments feeds here at Digital Kaleidoscope are run through FeedBurner.)

Will unwanted Google AdSense start appearing in feeds? What will change in the FeedBurner service as it gets Google-fied? What will happen to FeedBurner’s sense of humour? My feed is currently imported into my Facebook notes. Will that have to change depending on the situation with ads?

Speaking of Facebook, there’s always speculation about whether they will be acquired. Again, that’s another one I worry about. I currently trust a good amount of private information to Facebook and I’d hate to see them bought out by Google — I just don’t trust them with any of my data. Even Microsoft would be a better buyer, if Facebook was to sell at all. (Either way, I’d still worry about losing the crisp, clean interface that Facebook currently sports.)

Oh the things that keep me up at night… everything being swallowed up by Google. What has the world come to? ;)

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ZOMG Rejoice! It’s the Second Coming!

StarCraft II logo

OMG OMG OMG OMG! It’s true! Forget Halo 3. Hell, forget everything else in life. Blizzard has finally announced StarCraft II!

Are they going to declare this day a national holiday in Korea? When can I pre-order? Has it really only been nine years? It seems like two eternities!

Help, I think I need a tranquilliser.

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Halo 3 in September? How Excitement!!

So the biggerest most monumental thing ever Halo 3 finally has a release date! Well, in the US and Europe at least — 25th and 26th respectively of September 2007. So c’mon when is the Australian release date!? At worst, we’d get it on the same day as the Europeans, right? Right?!

Anyway, I’m finally starting to get excited about Halo 3! I haven’t got into the multiplayer beta since I don’t have the time (and I don’t want to buy a copy of crackdown), but come the end of September, you’re more than likely to see me plonk down the equivalent of USD $130 to pick up a copy of Halo 3 Legendary Edition and disappearing for a few days.

Not to mention… apparently a version of Bomberman like the original (not like the Bomberman: Act Zero garbage) is coming to Xbox Live Arcade in a few months too! Now just when are we going to get Boom Boom Rocket here in Australia?

So then the only thing left… is the holy grail itself huh? Don’t worry, I’ll be watching what happens in Korea this weekend very carefully! ;)

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What is Wrong with the United States?!

As if I needed another reminders why the United States has issues…

Here in Australia, our federal government (which is conservative, mind you) has recently introduced a national vaccination program for Gardasil, a vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) which is one of the causes of cervical cancer.

But what’s happening in the US? According to the article US conservatives block cancer vaccine for girls:

Plans to vaccinate young girls against the sexually-transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer have been blocked in several US states by conservative groups, who say that doing so would encourage promiscuity.

Because of what?! I don’t fucking believe it.

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Windows Search is Broken — Help, Anyone?!

Screenshot of Windows Search error

OK, take a look at the screenshot from my Tablet.

If I search from within an existing Windows Explorer window (using the search box in the top-right), it works fine. If I search from the Start Menu, it also displays the results in the Start Menu itself fine. Search in Outlook also works.

But if I open the Start Menu to search and then click the “See all results” link, I get 5 blank files displayed in the results area that I can’t interact with in any way. (what the above screenshot shows). If I open the Start Menu, click on Search, and then search using the search box, I also get the same error.

I’ve restored by Indexing Options to the default settings and rebuilt the database, but I still get the same thing.

I suspect some component of Windows Search just needs to be reregistered for the view in Windows Explorer to work again. At least, that would have been my guess for Windows XP. But this is Windows Vista. What gives? :cry:

(Update: I fixed it by uninstalling Nokia PC Suite. I have no idea how that could have been responsible, but it fixed it… even after a repair installation of Windows Vista failed to fix it. The most puzzling part is that I reinstalled Nokia PC Suite and it didn’t reproduce the problem.)

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Via Chatswood & Macquarie Park?

New LCD next train indicators on the concourse at Epping Station
Close-up on stopping pattern diagram under indicator showing covered text

While waiting for a train, I finally had time to look around the recently-opened new concourse at Epping Station, which is which is currently being upgraded.

It’s nice, spacious and very modern-looking, using plenty of glass of course. For a template mass-produced station design, I think you can do worse than what the is being rolled out across the CityRail network.

I took some photos of the next train indicators on the concourse, including one which is currently unused. I imagine it will will eventually show trains running via the Epping to Chatswood Rail Line.

Also have a look at the close-up of the stopping pattern diagram for “City via Strathfield” services. Notice where it says trains continue to after travelling past North Sydney? Under the taped-over bit is “& Macquarie Park”.

That’s consistent with speculation that once the Epping to Chatswood Rail Line opens, at least some Northern Line trains will travel to/from City via either the ECRL or Strathfield and then continue back to Hornsby via the other path in a loop.

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No Outlook, It Wasn’t Bloody Helpful!

Microsoft Outlook error message: Could not open the item. Try again. (Was this information helpful?)

Try again? Of course, when I try again to categorise multiple pieces of mail at a time, the exact same thing happens. C’mon at least give me a hint about what’s causing this error? Please?

A true abomination in user experience design from Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. To add insult to injury, I can of course submit feedback about how useful the information was. Listen mate, it couldn’t have been more fucking useless!

(To be fair, I eventually found out the problem was caused by avast! anti-virus… after like two days of painstaking troubleshooting to isolate the cause. The builds since 4.7.981 all cause the problem, so I’ve reverted to build 4.7.942 and it’s working fine again.)

(Update: Going back to 4.7.942 seemed to fix the Trillian problem, but the Outlook problem still persists. Arrrrrrgh! :evil: )

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