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I Hope I Haven’t Jinxed My Xbox 360

You know those alarming stories you hear? How all of your friends’ Xbox 360s get the Red Ring of Death and die? (the RRoD is what is displayed on the front of the console when it is stuffed and will not start.) And that it’s contagious and extremely virulent?

Well even though my Xbox 360 has been extremely well behaved to date, I recently got cold feet and extended my Xbox 360 warranty for another 2 years for AUD $85 from EB Games. I hope I haven’t jinxed my 360…

(Before you start asking me questions, yes, as much as I’m a fanboy I definitely agree that the Xbox 360’s build quality and QA processes seem to be somewhat less than ideal. Having said that, you still shouldn’t make matters worse by getting add-ons like the Intercooler.)

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Wow, My BDM Friends Gave Me a Camera!

To start this story off, a bit of history: Since I went back to Hong Kong in July 2005, I’ve been the proud owner of a Casio Exilim EX-Z750 camera. I loved the camera to death, having taken over 8 000 photos and videos with it to date and having played a part in convincing two of my friends and my cousin to all buy the same camera.

Unfortunately, the camera’s lens decided to stuff up in September last year, just outside of the warranty period. Contrary to what some believe, I always looked after my camera and have never dropped or damaged it — I have no idea what caused it to break. I have since been without a camera because the cost of fixing it would have been the same as the cost of a new one. All in all, stressful.

Luckily, for my recent 22nd birthday, Lucy and my Digital Media friends together bought me a new camera — the Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 — and they surprised me with it on Friday night while we were out for dinner and drinks in Newtown! I was ecstatic, as I had totally not expected something like that… I still can’t believe they managed to organise it without me ever being suspicious, considering the number of camera-related conversations I’ve had recently! ;)

It was the perfect solution to my current photography woes, and what better solution than to get a camera from my friends that I could use all the time and remember where it came from? Fittingly, the first few photos were all photos of our group (except for Adz, Tim and Albert who couldn’t make it):

My BDM friends and I at my birthday dinner at Twelve, Newtown
Left to right: Houmer, Adam, me, Lucy, Julian, Johnny, Fiona, Jason (enlarge)

Thank you so much guys, you’re all the best and I love you all! I was incredibly happy on the night and even on Sunday morning when I was at Lucy’s place to pick up the camera, I still hadn’t gotten over it yet. :D

And I wish the story could happily end here…

(Update: Oops, I forgot to mention Adz as well, who was also part of this! :oops: )

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NSW State Election — Tough Choice Indeed

Another election down! I just got back from my local primary school, it being the polling place closest to me. (I’m in the Hornsby electorate.) Let me make a few observations about things that piss me off:

  • I saw a number of young people who appeared to have no clue what they were doing. They picked up a number of how to vote cards and were apparently deciding between them at random. Go the apathetic youth of today!
  • I saw a mother carefully instruct her daughter how to vote exactly as she was going to herself. Didn’t mum ever teach you to think independently?
  • The electoral official who gave me my ballot paper gave me an incorrect answer when I asked about the optional placement of preferences. (She failed to tell me that I need to number at least 15 candidates if I decide to vote below the line on the Legislative Council paper.)

The actual choice we faced today pissed me off as well, of course. Return Morris Iemma’s gang and face another term of gross incompetence in the management of NSW infrastructure? Or vote in Peter Debnam and face the prospect of an even worse future? Vote for the Greens in protest even though their policy (or lack thereof) for so many things I find astounding?

I’m not really going to tell you how I voted, except to say you can rest assured I ultimately gave my preferences to Labor before Liberal for both the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly. And I still put Liberal ahead of lunatics like the Christian Democratic Party and Australians Against Further Immigration.

Some of you are well aware of my tendency to hang on to the remnants of a certain dead party anyway (they didn’t even have anyone where I was today to hand out how to vote cards).

How depressing. :cry:

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It’s My Birthday! How About a Wishlist?

Well, it’s my birthday today (hooray, I’m getting old!) so I thought I’d post what’s currently on my wishlist. I’m sure I’m not going to get my hands on a 70″ HDTV anytime soon, but c’mon… humour me, let me dream! :D

Some of the highlights (mostly the crazy, unrealistic things!) are below. See the full list after the jump. Whatdayathink? Do you have one of these already? Is it worth getting? Know where to get them cheap if I want to say, buy myself a present sometime soon? ;)

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OK, So I Got Sucked Into Facebook

As the title suggests, I finally signed up for a Facebook account last (Thursday) night. After all these years, yep, I finally succumbed to using at least one social networking/community tool. ;)

But you know what? Facebook is actually pretty cool… I thought it was a bit elitist for Facebook to have initially limited memberships to those who had an affiliation to a university and I’m glad that it’s now more open, but I’ve come to realise the easy way to identify other friends in your networks is really its key strength. It now also seems to be useful for those outside Australia. Oh, and it’s well implemented, with a UX that is on the whole pretty and functional.

For my Digital Media friends, I think you’re all missing out (as I don’t think any of you are on here)… it’s actually a great way of identifying any mutual friends you have with others that you had no idea about. It’s also a good way to catch friends from high school or earlier who you haven’t seen for a while!

That’s the reason I’ve finally signed up. I realised many of my friends used it, and I figured anything that truly helps me keep in touch with them is a good thing, right? (I actually think many of my non-Digital Media friends are much more into this stuff. Weird? Or maybe the geeks are just too cool for this.)

P.S. No, this does not mean I will soon have a MySpace.

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