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SIXAXIS Gets Sony an Emmy: WTFF?!

Sony is going to get an Emmy in Technology and Engineering for the PS3 SIXAXIS controller?!

The one controller this generation that lacks rumble (removed because Sony lost a lawsuit with Immersion)? The one that has barely changed from the PS2 variant? That is nowhere (IMHO) as comfortable to hold as the Xbox 360 controller? The one that has intermittent problems maintaining sync with the console over Bluetooth? And can’t be paired to the console without the cable? The one that has the half-assed motion sensing abilities (a Wii remote and nunchuck it ain’t)?

What. The. Fucking. Fuck? Sixaxis honoured with Emmy
Engadget: SIXAXIS wins an Emmy for Technology and Engineering… wait, really?

(Update: Sony was wrong, the Emmy wasn’t for the SIXAXIS and Nintendo and Microsoft both got some recognition too.)

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Jakob Nielsen on User Interfaces in Film

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen has written a good (and entertaining) critique of UI in films: Usability in the Movies — Top 10 Bloopers

Ever wondered why heroes always come across “ACCESS GRANTED” messages when they manage to hack into a system, but you never get such a message when you enter the right password for internet banking? Me neither, but it’s so obvious!

My pet technology peeve with films and TV shows though (and admittedly not a UI issue at all), is of course unlimited enhancement of images regardless of resolution.

How many times does it take before someone realises that it’s not realistic to take some grainy CCTV footage, enhance it, print out a pristine 8" × 10" print and then see the face of the villain on it, perfectly sharp and identifiable? Audiences are increasingly using digital cameras and they know it doesn’t work that way — so stop doing it in films and on TV!

(BTW, Happy New Year everyone!)

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