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Convert a PS3 Fanboy? What Would It Take?

Say you were a die-hard PS3 fanboy who had been lining up for 40 hours at the front of the line at the Sony Metreon to pick up a PS3 at launch. What would it take you to convince you to never buy a PS3? What would it take to get you to convert to PC gaming forever?

Well, PC Gamer has the answer! This man signed a contract requiring him to never buy a PS3 in and in return he got a crazy-specced USD $7 500 Falcon Northwest gaming PC with a 30″ LCD:

Neil posing with Falcon Northwest gaming PC

One less Playstation 3 on the market, one more PC gamer joins the team
PC Gamer Magazine and Falcon Northwest challenge Playstation 3 hopefuls

Haha… what an awesomely, deliciously cruel thing to do. :twisted: Ah well, maybe he was so happy with it because he was actually not a fanboy at all and was going to eBay his PS3 anyway! (After all, one did sell for almost USD $100 mil:roll: )

(Thanks to Engadget.)

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Sexier: Windows Vista Packaging Opened

Windows Vista Ultimate package opened showing DVD inside

(Found this on MSTechToday.)

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Sexy: Packaging for Vista and Office 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate box with black background

Microsoft will be heading down a new path for product packaging starting with Windows Vista and Office 2007. As you can see, it’s simple and damn sexy! I love simple understated packaging, I love transparent materials and I love nice gentle curves. So naturally, I think it’s brilliant! I just hope that the back isn’t cluttered unnecessary information in lists like every other Microsoft box to date! ;)

It wasn’t exactly a big secret, as it matches the icons that we have so far seen for the Windows Vista beta installation DVDs and icons in the Welcome Centre and Microsoft has previously also experimented with plastic packaging for it’s Macintosh products. They plan to continue this new idea for other products in the future.

(More box shots of other editions after the jump…)

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Yay, My Xbox 360 Now Does 1080p! Except…

With the latest Xbox 360 update that I just grabbed off Xbox Live, my console gains the ability to output 1080p video over component cables. Great! Microsoft finally delivered on their promise… and yes, they got there before the PS3 finally arrives too. So all is good yeah?

Well, no. My Dell 2405FPW LCD doesn’t like it at all. It complains:

Can not display this mode

Yep, that’s right. My LCD won’t display 1080p over component. And you know what? At least nine out of ten LCD owners out there aren’t going to have screens that can display that either. (Nor is their magic in HDMI-land.)

Sure… there’s been an incredible amount of hype about 1080p today. (Sony can yell “only 1080p is the real HD” all they want.) But that’s reality — there’s only four whole people in the whole world who will benefit right now. :roll:

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