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Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Buy a Gizmondo?

Wired: Gizmondo’s Spectacular Crack-up

Directors of the game device company went on living large long after their handheld flopped. Then a high-speed Ferrari crash blew their world to bits.

An Enzo crash at over 300 km/h, a private police force, underworld connections, a modelling company and oh, a pie-in-the-sky handheld gaming console and multimedia communicator product too… what a sordid tale! I imagine someone will write a book about it all one day.

(Thanks to Raymond Chen’s The Old New Thing for the heads up.)

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W00t! The OneNote Team Fixed My Bug!

There’s been a bug with the ‘Move Page To’ context menu function in OneNote 2007 Beta 2 that’s been bugging me (hah) for ages now. Unlike in OneNote 2003, it doesn’t show the path for where the notebook is stored, making the feature almost useless for me.

I took some screenshots comparing the behaviour between the two versions of OneNote, put them together and submitted it to Microsoft Connect. I wasn’t even sure if the file got uploaded properly and despite comments on the bug in Connect that it had been fixed, I was disappointed to find it still present in the Beta 2 Technical Refresh.

But I have no doubt now that’s now been fixed! See the last bug mentioned in this post on Dan Escapa’s OneNote Extensibility & More blog: Customer Feedback — a Success Story & Thank you.

That’s the bug! That’s the screenshot I posted to Connect! They fixed it! Kudos to the OneNote team for really listening to your customers. :D

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South Park Meets WoW — Wow, Lollerksates!

The South Park crew finally do a send-up of World of Warcraft, and with the support of Blizzard no less. This is so frikken hilarious… definitely the best 22 minutes I’ve spent all week (even if it seems a little bit like a big WoW ad)! Do not miss it!

“How do you kill, that which has no life?” :D

Make Love, Not Warcraft
Season 10, episode 1008 (04 Oct 2006)
Watch on YouTube or download

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