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Fuck You, iTunes 7

Have you installed Apple’s iTunes 7 on your Windows PC yet? And then tried to delete the iTunes shortcut from your desktop or move/rename the iTunes folder on your Start Menu?

If yes, then you’ll have found the same thing I did… that every time you launch iTunes, it gets Windows Installer to replace the shortcuts for you. Want a clean desktop? Not possible. Want to put iTunes straight in the All Programs folder and not inside the iTunes subfolder? Not possible.

Or is it…?

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Garfish, Revisited

We visited Garfish for dinner tonight (at Crows Nest this time) as it was Mom’s birthday. The food was even better than the last time Lucy and I visited Garfish — I was delighted to see my ocean trout was succulent even at the thickest part — and the service was friendly.

whole crisp-fried barramundi with three-flavoured sauce and bok choy
Whole crisp-fried barramundi with three-flavoured sauce and bok choy (enlarge)

More photos after the jump…

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An Inconvenient Truth — Must-See

'An Inconvenient Truth' poster

Some of you may know that I basically get no perks whatsoever for volunteering my time to run the COFA Students’ Association. Well… that’s not always true. ;) PricewaterhouseCoopers, our consultants, ran a screening tonight for their clients of Al Gore’s new film about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth.

Each and every person should see this film — without exception.

You may not like the structure of the film, which is essentially a lecture on the topic delivered by Gore (using Apple Keynote, I think). Or you may not like Gore himself, who actually does narrate the entire thing. Even I must admit I did get sick of his voice by the end of the film, and it dragged on a little and took a while to get to the final third. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is the message — and it is absolutely compelling.

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Where Does Seagate Live?

Ever wondered what the address for the headquarters of Seagate was? (You know, Seagate the hard drive manufacture?) Well wonder no more!

Scoble recently paid a visit to Seagate and took this hilarious photo:
Seagate Headquarter’s address

I had no idea… and I thought One Microsoft Way and One Infinite Loop were bad!

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Crikey! Steve Irwin is Dead?!

When it comes to larger-than-life character, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was certainly on the list… but reports are in he’s just been killed in Queensland by being speared in the chest by a stingray! OMG.

Of all things, I never thought he’d be killed by wildlife, even if it was in the ocean! How horrible. RIP, Steve! :|

SMH: Steve Irwin killed by stingray

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