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Telstra Heartbeat to Beat No More

Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…

What’s that sound? I just read on Whirlpool that Telstra will finally be phasing out the annoying Heartbeat system for BigPond Cable customers, a move that’s a mere 45 000 years overdue.

The Heartbeat required devices connected to the cable modem — whether that’s an individual computer running the BigPond Cable login client or, more commonly, a router — to regularly respond to a kind of ping from BigPond in order to remain connected to the service.

This created a ridiculous number of problems for people setting up and using routers that didn’t always cope with the Heartbeat. Not to mention, in recent years even those with only one computer have occasionally wanted to connect to their cable Xboxes and the like — except none of these know how to deal with the Heartbeat.

Goodbye Heartbeat, you won’t be missed. :evil:

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When Flying, Don’t Drop iPod in Toilet

Next time you’re flying somewhere on a plane, make sure you don’t accidentally drop your iPod in the toilet. But if you do anyway, don’t forget to post the hilarious story up for us all to read!

Here’s the news story:
Ottawa Citizen: iPod prompts airport scare in Ottawa

And here’s the story from the poor guy involved: Forums: I played WoW, I became a terrorist (story!)

As usual, how I wish I lived in Japan or Europe where I could catch high-speed rail everywhere instead of having to put up with flying and bloody airport security. :roll:

(Thanks to Engadget.)

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Poor Pluto, Sad Pluto

Let’s all shed a tear for Pluto, for it has been demoted and is no longer considered a planet — as far as the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is concerned anyway.

On Thursday, at their 26th General Assembly in Prague, an clear majority passed a resolution to define separate categories for bodies in the Solar System that have mostly cleared their orbit of other objects (‘planets’) and bodies that have not (‘dwarf planets’). Furthermore, a specific resolution was passed to create a category of Pluto-like objects starting with the text “Pluto is a ‘dwarf planet’…”, making it unequivocally clear.

Personally, I think it’s about time it was recognised that while Pluto may once have been unique, today it is only one of many such bodies out beyond Neptune, some of which may be bigger than Pluto. On the other hand, culturally, Pluto has long been considered a planet and seems to be well-loved. (Lucy and I even had a fight once because she thought I didn’t care about Pluto… :roll: )

Ah well, such is science. Too bad we can’t just make exceptions… but don’t worry Pluto, you’ll still have a special place in the hearts of many of us. If you can get over that “damn you Earthlings, shove it up Uranus” feeling, that is! :D

New Scientist: Pluto gets the boot as the planet count drops
BBC News: Pluto loses status as a planet

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Adobe Lightroom Looks Promising

screenshot of Adobe Lightoom
Adobe Lightroom’s library module displaying images in grid view (enlarge)

Once again, I have returned from the dead to post a new blog entry! I’ve finally had a chance to play with beta 3 of Adobe Lightroom, and thus far I’m impressed, even though Lightroom is hideously, ridiculously slow. (I’m running it on Windows Vista beta 2, by the way.)

I think I’ll love Lightroom. But I just don’t know how it will fit in my workflow.

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