First Scoble Leaves Microsoft, Now Bill!

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News broke last weekend that Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s best known blogger was leaving the company to join a video blogging startup. Well, this time it’s bigger news — Bill Gates himself will be stepping down as Chief Software Architect of Microsoft in July 2008.

After a two-year transition period, Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie will take over Gates’ work, while he will focus full-time on his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation instead. From the Channel 9 interview, it certainly looks like it’s an emotional time for him and I wonder how easy it will be to really let go?

Gates will also remain chairman of the board of Microsoft and will continue to advise/consult on some projects, but I can’t help but worry about Microsoft’s future direction. I think we all knew that such an outcome was inevitable and indeed it’s commendable that the world’s richest man now wants to devote more time to altruistic pursuits, but it’s just not comforting the idea that Steve Ballmer will sooner, rather than later, be sailing the Microsoft ship alone.

Watch the Channel 9 interview or read the report for details.

(I first read about this on Scobleizer.)

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