Sony, You’re Right Royally Fucked Now!

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PlayStation 3 basic SKU: AUD $829 / USD $499 / €499
PlayStation 3 premium SKU: AUD $999 / USD $599 / €599

(Note how much Australians and Europeans are being price-gouged: at today’s exchange rates, our basic SKUs will cost near the equivalent of USD $640 and the premium SKU equals approximately USD $770!)

The premium SKU includes these extras:

  • 60 GB hard disk (instead of 20 GB)
  • HDMI port capable of 1080p output
  • built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
  • memory card readers (MemoryStick, SD, Compact Flash)

Just like the Xbox 360, it’s just not good value to save AUD $170 but miss out on these features. It gets worse though, and here’s the real shocker — unlike the Xbox 360, if you get the basic package, you cannot upgrade the components afterwards. :shock:

So it makes absolutely no sense to buy the basic HDMI-less console, even if you’re short on cash, because once you buy it you’re guaranteed never to be able to play Blu-ray disc movies at full high-definition through an HDCP-secured pathway.

PlayStation 3 pricing
PS3 pricing revealed at pre-E3 Sony press conference (source: Joystiq)

I think Microsoft had the right idea with the Xbox 360 by having both a Core System that can be upgraded when the user can afford it and to have an HD-DVD player a separate add-on that can be purchased if/when it becomes useful to have one.

Those looking at getting a Blu-ray disc (BD) player in 2006 are very much going to be early adaptors or videophiles who would be quite happy to spend AUD $1000 on a BD player already. For the rest of us who just want to play games, AUD  $999 is just a ludicrous asking price. Not to mention, even at AUD $829 you’ve just about totally locked out casual gamers and parents.

Seriously, for AUD $999 you’re likely to be able to get both an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Piss Wii! (As much as I loathe the name, I might still be one of those who get both…)

What about the planned simultaneous worldwide launch? 11 Nov 2006 in Japan and 17 Nov 2006 in North American, Europe and Australia — will Sony really have enough units available to succeed where Microsoft failed with the Xbox 360 shortages?

What about the ‘new’ controller and other cuts? Well that’s a story (blog post, at least) for another day…

You might argue that Sony had no choice as the hardware is reputed to cost upwards of USD $800, but this could potentially be a shot in the foot for not only the PlayStation 3 itself, but with the massive investment involved, all of Sony — where many of their other divisions are already losing money hand-over-fist.

Sony, what were you thinking?

Joystiq – PS3: A tale of 2 SKUs
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IGN – E3 2006: PS3 Too Cheap — Kutaragi

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  • . Johnny  |  14 years, 3 months ago

    Hmm… what i find saddening is that people will be lining up for this machine come launch day. And for 1k, I would expect zero bugs whatsoever (highly unlikely though).

    On another note, paying 1k for a first generation ps3? hmm.

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