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3 UK Will Glue SIM Cards to Phones

This is rather old news, but I have to spread the word — it’s so frikken funny.

Mobile carrier 3 in the UK will be gluing SIM cards (or USIMs as it may be) into cheap prepaid handsets that they are selling. Yes, that’s right sticking them in there with epoxy glue!

If you think about it, it really is just an extension of firmware/software-based SIM and network locking, isn’t it? But it just sounds so ridiculous…

I assume this means that phones will just need to be replaced if the SIM card stuffs up. I hope 3 will be making sure that users have a way of getting their data (contacts, messages, etc) off the phones when it comes to crunch time.

SIM Cards to be Glued Into 3 UK Pre-Pay Handsets (MobileBurn)

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Eat Your Heart Out

Nathan Sawaya’s work is normally made out of LEGO, but this one’s a bit different. Sweet Heart is made out of Necco Conversation Hearts! I had no idea people made sculptures out of these little hearts, but there you go.

This is crazy — just look at the veins made out of purple hearts! Looks pretty realistic, huh?

a human heart made out of Necco Conversation Hearts

You can see more photos of this at Nathan’s website, along with his other pieces made out of LEGO.

(Thanks to Candy Addict, where I discovered this.)

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Meeting People You Don’t Know… At Their Farewell

I was at a farewell reception on Tuesday afternoon for Professor Adrian Lee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Quality Improvement). Unexpected, possibly, but the leaders and managers of all the UNSW student organisations were invited.

The point is, I only first set eyes on Professor Lee Monday last week, from the gallery at a meeting of Council. The first time I saw him where he would have had the opportunity to see me was only yesterday, at another meeting.

It gets better… at Monday’s meeting, I kept falling asleep during a presentation he was giving — yes, falling asleep, and I was sitting where he could constantly see me! :-| You know, it’s not ‘cos it was uninteresting at all, but only because I was bloody tired from not having slept the night before (stayed up setting up a form on the COFA SA website for people collecting our 2006 diaries and stuff).

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What If… Microsoft iPod boxes?

I don’t know how old this is (it may have just resurfaced recently), but I guarantee it’s damn funny and worth your while to watch!

Microsoft designs the iPod package

As much as I like a lot of Microsoft’s imaging and branding, it’s so true! Their packaging does feel seriously cluttered like there’s no tomorrow. I’m looking at a OneNote 2003 box at the moment and hey look! There’s one side blank… but it’s only the bottom. ;)

I really do like the iPod boxes. The original origami-like ones were better than the later ones though, like my 30 GB iPod photo one. However, while they weren’t as exciting to open, they still looked good!

Nicely made clip too, the music was great — perfect comedic timing. Thanks Adam for the heads-up!

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