Jan’s Birthday — Back to the ’80s

Topic: Living it Up 14 years, 8 months ago

Jan had her 21st on Sunday and the dress-up theme was “the best or worst things to have come out of the ’80s”. Sadly not everybody made it and I was woefully late (took me hours to find something to wear!), but it was still hilarious while it lasted…

Houmer in costume with mullet wig and sunglasses
Look, Houmer’s mullet looks a bit like Julian’s normal hair (enlarge)

Photo removed at the request of a person in the photo, sorry!

Debs has a go too

At least Morgan looked good while looking bad… the same can’t be said for me! (enlarge)

Morgan and I in costume

Marcus wearing visor
Everyone wanted to try my ‘Skippy Peanut Butter’ visor, including Marcus (enlarge)

Johnny and Stef with duct tape moustaches
Johnny and Stef with duct tape moustaches (enlarge)

Stef, Bero and Will with duct tape moustaches
Bero and Will join in with the moustaches too (enlarge)

Bero just about lives in the ’80s! (open/download)

Windows Media Player - free

Johnny with duct tape moustache, visor and a bow in his hair
Is Johnny queer or just a girl? (enlarge)

Tim Rudder with YMCA T-shirt and 'I am queer' label
As for Tim Rudder, his shirt says it all (enlarge)

Pablo the fruit sculpture
Stef and Gemma ended up bored enough to make a sculpture out of Jan’s fruit tray (enlarge)

Johnny has some more photos on his blog too, but unfortunately his blog’s design means I can’t link to the posts directly, so look for the posts around 26 Nov 2005.

After all this, Morgan suggested out of nowhere that we go karaoke immediately… and so we did! I’ll post some photos/videos from that later this week.

I’m Back and I Survived COFA Annual 05 Cruel, Pointless: Nguyen Tuong Van’s Death

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  • . johnny  |  14 years, 8 months ago

    ~siiiiiiiiiiiiigh, ill redesign my blog when i get back from Nam

  • . Andy Polaine  |  14 years, 8 months ago

    So, this was a party for people with my kind of facial hair?

  • . david grover  |  14 years, 6 months ago

    I am Houmer’s high school teacher and only have an out of date email. I found his name via Google on your blog and would like to invite him to an event at school.

    I attended the Cofa grad and saw his film…
    Would you kindly let me know his current email if you have it?
    in anticipation,

    David Grover

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