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M2 Signage Updated for Westlink M7

Sorry for the extended hiatus! I’ve been much busier than I expected since my return from Queensland and haven’t had time to do any blogging. Here’s just a very quick update — I know I’ve missed out on a lot of recent events, transport or otherwise, and I hope to make up for it in January.

Upon the opening of the Westlink M7 Motorway on 16 Dec 2005, we expected Metroad 7 to be re-signed as the first alphanumeric route, A7/M7 and re-routed along the Westlink M7. However, just about no signage updates were done off the M7 itself and it looked like Metroad 7 signage was here to stay along the Cumberland Highway — until now.

ID signs showing the M2 signed westbound as Metroad 2 and M7, with focal points Blacktown and Canberra
New ID sign facing southbound Pennant Hills Rd traffic turning right onto the M2 Motorway

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I’m off on holidays with the Digital Media crew up in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast (the Queensland, Australia version)! I’ll be back on 13 Dec 2005. Enjoy the start of your summer, and I’ll see you all in a bit over a week! (Sorry, but all the pending updates will have to wait. ) add

Cruel, Pointless: Nguyen Tuong Van’s Death

Any Australian, and indeed many others around the world, would be aware of the unfortunate plight of Australian Nguyen Tuong Van. In case my use of the words ‘unfortunate plight’ has not already made it clear, I believe Nguyen’s execution this morning at 09:00 AEDT is undeserved and inhumane.

Nguyen reportedly only entered the drug trade voluntarily to help pay debts his twin brother had accumulated from legal costs and a previous heroin addiction, but will not let his brother be blamed for his predicament. He has even banned his lawyers from ever questioning his brother over the crime (source: How is such a punishment commensurate to the crime committed?

Nguyen has also had the courage and dignity to remain strong for his family and friends in the face of certain death, even as they break down around him. It is a man and a family capable of such love that will be destroyed this morning, without even an opportunity for Nguyen’s mother to embrace her son one final time. How can any human being inflict such suffering on another?

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Jan’s Birthday — Back to the ’80s

Jan had her 21st on Sunday and the dress-up theme was “the best or worst things to have come out of the ’80s”. Sadly not everybody made it and I was woefully late (took me hours to find something to wear!), but it was still hilarious while it lasted…

Houmer in costume with mullet wig and sunglasses
Look, Houmer’s mullet looks a bit like Julian’s normal hair (enlarge)

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