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screenshot of Crumpler 'Bier for Bags 2005' website

Crumpler, the maker of awesome but expensive bags wants you to barter for bags with beer instead of money. Yes, you heard right! For a few days in November or December (depending on which city you’re in) during ‘Bier for Bags 2005′, you can apparently bring in beer and swap it for bags and other gear!

Here are some examples:

  • One slab of Boags Premium for a ‘Roll-O-Notes’
  • Two slabs VB for a ‘Wee Bee’
  • One slab of Asahi and a bottle of soy sauce for a ‘Moderate Embarassment’
  • Two slabs of Corona and a bag of lemons for a ‘Free Holy Bean Bag’

How awesome is that?! :lol: I think most of the bags are old models, but the prices seems are pretty good. (And you can even shop around for the best beer-to-dollars conversion rate!)

This is one of the best pieces of marketing I’ve seen recently. Crumpler consistently churn out some of the most user-unfriendly websites ever known to humankind, but their marketing is very cool.

Not to mention, their bags are absolutely top stuff — I have a ‘Breakfast Buffet’ that I bought in the middle of the year and I’ve used it almost every single day of the year since. It looks literally as good as new, despite my best efforts to trash it. It’s also the only bag I’ve found to date that fits my HP TC1100 Tablet PC snugly in portrait orientation, and it has a well designed compartment layout to boot!

I’m so going to have to get some more Crumpler stuff, if only for the fun of walking into a store with slabs of beer. I imagine they’re going to be well stocked for their Christmas parties! ;)

(Thanks to my cousin Kevin for telling me about this.)

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