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Old news, but Wacom are releasing a new 6" × 11" Intuos3 graphics tablet (16:9 aspect ratio), according to DPReview! At last, a Wacom for those with widescreen monitors (like me). Ah, a new gadget to lust after… ;) add

Howto: Comment Email Authentication

Digital Kaleidoscope readers who have posted a comment will know that I have a system in place where your email address must be verified before comments get posted. Hopefully you only found it a small inconvenience since you only ever need to do it once (per email address).

What Does It Do? Why?

The benefit of this system is that it helps stops comment spam from appearing on the site. When a comment is posted here, an email is sent out to the email address given and you need to visit a link in the email before the comment will show up here on the blog. In the meantime, the comment sits in a moderation queue.

Spammers (whether real people or automated) who post comment spam usually use fake email addresses and thus those comments will remain in the moderation queue and not show up at all. I regularly check the moderation queue to delete those comments (or approve other comments). This is still a bit of a hassle as it requires work from me, but at least it means readers never have to see unsightly and often obscene comment spam.

There is also a chance of them figuring out their spam comments aren’t posting, so they’ll stop trying to post comment spam here in the future. I’m sure this is just wishful thinking, but hey it’s good to be optimistic! :D

How To Set It Up

Today, I received a message from a reader who left a comment on my blog earlier this year, wanting to know how to implement something similar on his blog. I’ve decided to post a guide here so that anybody who is interested in doing this can learn from my experiences.

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