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I’m Back and I Survived COFA Annual 05

Hey everyone, sorry for not having updated Digital Kaleidoscope for almost two weeks! I’ve been extremely busy organising the Digital Media graduate screenings for COFA Annual 05, our end-of-year exhibition.

Let me start to make up for it by posting some photos and video from the partying that followed opening night. We started at the Palace, then onto the Judgement and then to Kings Cross, before we all finally crashed at Jason’s again.

Johnny on Jason's back
Waiting at Taylor Sq deciding where to go next, Johnny and Jason just couldn’t wait to get it on (enlarge)

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WWW00000000000TTTT! (It’s not exactly a goooaaall if it’s a shootout, is it? ;) ) After 32 years, Australia’s off to the World Cup! You rock, Socceroos! add

Swap Beer for Crumpler Bags

screenshot of Crumpler 'Bier for Bags 2005' website

Crumpler, the maker of awesome but expensive bags wants you to barter for bags with beer instead of money. Yes, you heard right! For a few days in November or December (depending on which city you’re in) during ‘Bier for Bags 2005′, you can apparently bring in beer and swap it for bags and other gear!

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Old news, but Wacom are releasing a new 6" × 11" Intuos3 graphics tablet (16:9 aspect ratio), according to DPReview! At last, a Wacom for those with widescreen monitors (like me). Ah, a new gadget to lust after… ;) add

Howto: Comment Email Authentication

Digital Kaleidoscope readers who have posted a comment will know that I have a system in place where your email address must be verified before comments get posted. Hopefully you only found it a small inconvenience since you only ever need to do it once (per email address).

What Does It Do? Why?

The benefit of this system is that it helps stops comment spam from appearing on the site. When a comment is posted here, an email is sent out to the email address given and you need to visit a link in the email before the comment will show up here on the blog. In the meantime, the comment sits in a moderation queue.

Spammers (whether real people or automated) who post comment spam usually use fake email addresses and thus those comments will remain in the moderation queue and not show up at all. I regularly check the moderation queue to delete those comments (or approve other comments). This is still a bit of a hassle as it requires work from me, but at least it means readers never have to see unsightly and often obscene comment spam.

There is also a chance of them figuring out their spam comments aren’t posting, so they’ll stop trying to post comment spam here in the future. I’m sure this is just wishful thinking, but hey it’s good to be optimistic! :D

How To Set It Up

Today, I received a message from a reader who left a comment on my blog earlier this year, wanting to know how to implement something similar on his blog. I’ve decided to post a guide here so that anybody who is interested in doing this can learn from my experiences.

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Windsor Rd/Old Windsor Rd Roadworks

I was bored yesterday, so I went on a trip up and down Old Windsor Rd and Windsor Rd from Bella Vista up to Rouse Hill. Interesting sights included sections of the roads duplicated in recent years, the North-West T-way under construction and the Westlink M7 interchange nearing completion.

It was obviously a dumb idea to be out given how hot it was, but especially so since I was driving our old Volvo 240GL, which no longer has working air-conditioning. Oh well, at least I took some photos.

future onramp to the M7 from Old Windsor Rd
Onramp to the Westlink M7 eastbound from Old Windsor Rd, looking wide enough to carry two lanes — no markings or signs are here yet though (enlarge)

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About Time: SMH Website Redesign

The website of Sydney broadsheet newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald,, has been redesigned once again. Earlier this week I noticed that the SMH’s sister newspaper in Melbourne, The Age, had been given a makeover and wondered why we Sydneysiders were missing out — no more, since the new SMH site finally launched on Thursday (03 Nov 2005).

It’s interesting that they don’t seem to have publicised the changes that well. There is a Flash introduction to what’s new that my friend Fiona pointed out to me, but I don’t see this linked from anywhere on the site. All I could find was a blog entry about the redesign.

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Me? COFA SA El Presidente?

As some of you may have heard already (especially those of you who attempted to vote), the elections for the COFA Students’ Association’s 2006 President have been called off. Yesterday, on the third day of the election, the other candidate decided to withdraw from the contest, although I don’t know why as yet — I haven’t had a chance to speak to her since I found out about this development.

This means I’m going to be President next year! W00t! :D Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

However, I’m also disappointed at result in some ways. You might be wondering why. I won an election without having to do a lot of campaigning and without all the stress of having to wait for a result. Why on Earth would I be anything other than ecstatic at the result? Let me explain…

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Lane Cove Tunnel Falls Apart?

According to all the major media sources this morning, residents living in a block of units near the Longueville Rd northbound exit to Pacific Hwy were woken up at about 02:30 this morning to discover their units were disappearing into a huge gaping hole in the ground and had to be evacuated. Thankfully the building didn’t collapse entirely and no lives were lost.

Originally 4 m wide and 8-10 m deep, the hole has now grown to 10 m wide and continues to widen. The cause is yet to be verified, but there is a ventilation shaft for the under-construction Lane Cove Tunnel 25 m below the building. A Sydney Water main at the location burst at the same time, but it is thought the hole caused the water main to burst, not the other way round.

overhead view of hole and damaged unit block
Overhead view of the 10 m x 10 m hole (source: ABC News)

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