Python Swallows Alligator and Bursts

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Sometimes we hear of things that are just mindbogglingly whacked out… then there are stories like this. In the Florida Everglades in the US, a four-meter long Burmese python swallowed a two-meter American alligator. And burst. As in exploded.

That’s right, the rotting carcase of a snake was discovered in late September with the tail and hind legs of an alligator protruding from its ruptured stomach, as reported by numerous news sources including the Miami Herald. In another twist, the python’s head was missing.

The Times Online has the best picture I’ve yet found of this gruesome scene.

There are a number of theories for what happened, including the alligator struggling in the python’s stomach after being swallowed, puncturing the stomach with its claws. Another suggests the alligator may have been dead, but its reflexive twitching may have done the same thing. Alternatively, gases inside a rotting alligator may have caused it to explode inside the snake.

This is just bizarre… but apparently it’s not the first time it’s been spotted. Unwanted pet snakes being released into the Everglades are suspected of breeding to bring about this current threat to the established food chain.

Well if I’m reincarnated as a snake in my next life, I’ll be careful what I gobble!

It’s alien versus predator in Glades creature clash

(Thanks to Timmy at the COFA Forums for first spotting this.)

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