Construction Begins on M2 E-toll Lanes

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I mentioned a week ago that E-toll only lanes were to be added to the M2 Motorway toll plaza, with signage indicating construction would begin in early October. Well it’s only 01 October, but construction has begun!

Yesterday I noticed that there were now two E-toll booths operating in either direction. There used to one or three in each direction, tidal flow-style, and in the off-peak I frequently resorted to using the adjacent Auto + E-toll booths to avoid queuing at the single E-toll booth. I also noticed on the approach that a large number of temporary crash barriers had been stacked up in the shoulder lane.

Today I noticed this had been further enhanced (at least on the city-bound side). The flexible barrier that used to exist between the E-toll booth and the remaining booths has been extended significantly to where the main carriageway’s two lanes widen to form the toll plaza area. Lane markings with temporary reflectors have been added to stripe two separate lanes heading to each E-toll booth. At the booths themselves, the boom gates have been deactivated and “Do Not Stop” signs have been erected — at last!

Heading home (westbound) at about midnight tonight, traffic diversions were in place for night roadworks at the toll plaza although it looked like they had just been set up and work wasn’t actually taking place yet. All traffic was forced to use the two leftmost toll booths, with the other toll booths closed. The permanent signs above the booths indicate Change + E-toll, and both the booths were staffed. So although I had my E-toll tag, I had to wait a few minutes while morons in front of me at both booths drove too far past the toll booth, then had to reverse and fumble with change… I didn’t pay $3.80 to have to wait in a queue at midnight!

Ah well, it’s all good stuff though — I’ll refrain from complaining since the roadworks will be of great benefit to benefit E-tollers in the end. In fact, I didn’t expect all this to happen so quickly, but I’m very glad for it.

(Apologies, but I don’t have any photos of the work so far. However, I’ll certainly try to take some in the coming weeks.)

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