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After watching Little Fish on Sunday, Lucy and I spent too long talking about it in the car afterwards. So by the time we left to have dinner, it was already quite late. We decided to head to Fish Face at Darlinghurst — except they don’t do Sundays. Alright, then how about our favourite restaurant, Wasavie, in Paddington? Ah, they close a bit earlier on Sundays.

So by now we were desperate, petrified at the though of having to starve to death (in Sydney city no less). So we ended up at Café Fellini on Victoria St, Darlinghurst. Luciky, the kitchen was still open!

Café Fellini on Victoria's sign

It’s a little place, open out the front, coolly lit. I had the Penne Calabrese, which was way too salty and Lucy had the Salmon Ravioli (with white sauce), which was miserable all-round. Oh, and we had garlic bread. What can I say? We were hungry. The service was cold and uncaring, but I must admit passable.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 — stay away unless you’re desperate.

Café Fellini on Victoria
332 Victoria St, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia
+61 2 9360-5568

Little Fish — had potential Construction Begins on M2 E-toll Lanes

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  • . Jo  |  15 years ago

    sorry to hear the food was terrible, you should head into the Cross next time – I here there are a few very good restaurants and cafes that stay open until 5am!

  • . Stephen Mok  |  15 years ago

    The Cross, eh? Any recommendations? :D

    (Next time though, even if we’re stuck on Victoria St for any reason, I think we’ll at least head to the Tropicana!)

  • . Alyshia Murray  |  9 years, 10 months ago

    This place had the most amazing tasting food Ive had in a long time…The meals were quite large and reasonably priced…We will definitely go back…all our orders were terrific and we left them with empty plates…

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