Behind the Scenes #1 — Guessing Game

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For those who care, I’ll let you know how I’m running this blog.

I’ve decided to use WordPress to power my blog as it appears to be powerful, yet simple to use. I’ve also heard that it’s quite fast and doesn’t require rebuilding of pages, which sounds great. The theme you’re seeing is a modified version of Blix by Sebastian Schmieg. Any comments about the layout?

I’ve only just scratched the surface with all the plugins available for WordPress, but at the moment I’m using Ultimate Tag Warrior to feed my metadata obsession, Comment Authorization to check people are who they say they are and Smart Update Pinger to only send out pings when I post new entries (not when I edit). Anyone have any suggestions on some ‘must-have’ plugins for WordPress?

Thus far, I’m very happy with WordPress and the plug-ins – it’s been extremely easy to customise everything and keep it all looking coherent. Hopefully it stays that way, but I’ll certainly keep you posted with my experiences.

Now, how about a guessing game? There are two background images in the title (apart from my cheesy face) – the orange one on the left side, and the green one on the right. For the first person to correctly guess what the images show, I’ll uh… send out a packet of your favourite Starbursts! (To guess, just leave a comment.)

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