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Café Fellini on Victoria

After watching Little Fish on Sunday, Lucy and I spent too long talking about it in the car afterwards. So by the time we left to have dinner, it was already quite late. We decided to head to Fish Face at Darlinghurst — except they don’t do Sundays. Alright, then how about our favourite restaurant, Wasavie, in Paddington? Ah, they close a bit earlier on Sundays.

So by now we were desperate, petrified at the though of having to starve to death (in Sydney city no less). So we ended up at Café Fellini on Victoria St, Darlinghurst. Luciky, the kitchen was still open!

It’s a little place, open out the front, coolly lit. I had the Penne Calabrese, which was way too salty and Lucy had the Salmon Ravioli (with white sauce), which was miserable all-round. Oh, and we had garlic bread. What can I say? We were hungry. The service was cold and uncaring, but I must admit passable.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 — stay away unless you’re desperate.

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Little Fish — had potential

'Little Fish' posterSorry for not having updated for a while, I’ve been a bit busy over the weekend an the following few days.

On Sunday Lucy and I went and watched the new Australian film Little Fish starring Cate Blanchett, Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving, Dustin Nguyen and Noni Hazelhurst — really, an all-star Australian cast.

Exerpt from the official synopsis:

How do you learn to love again when the pain of the past won’t let you go? When you’re 32 with a troubled history and a doubtful future, it’s a question that isn’t so easy to answer. And for Tracy Heart (Cate Blanchett), it’s a question she can no longer ignore. A story about families. About lies. And about learning to love again.

The film is beautifully shot and the acting is unbelievably real. However, I left Little Fish feeling terribly disappointed. It had so much potential to be the quintessential Australian film we’ve been waiting years for, yet it just couldn’t follow through.

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The End of an Era

Today is the last day State Transit’s Sydney Buses will be providing bus services in Cherrybrook and Dural. From tomorrow onwards, Hillsbus will be taking over routes 620, 625, 626, 627, and 630 once again. (Sydney Buses will permanently take over routes 623, 624, 628 and 629 though.)

It’s kind of the end of an era… for as long as I’ve lived in Cherrybrook, I’ve wished Sydney Buses would run the buses in my area — and for seven months this dream came true. But don’t they say, all good things must come to an end? It really hit home on Monday night, when I was on the way home on a 620 bus from the City. While waiting to turn onto Pennant Hills Rd exiting the M2, our very friendly driver Paul decided to give a little speech thanking us passengers, saying he would miss us. :(

1100 heading down Shephards Dr on a route 620 service
The 620 heads down Shephards Dr for the very last time

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M2 Motorway to get E-toll Lanes

On my way home from uni last night, I was driving along the M2 Motorway when I noticed portable variable message signs had been set up on both approaches to the toll plaza, saying something along the lines of:

Express lanes coming soon
Construction starts October

Could it be? The M2 is finally going to get dedicated non-stop e-toll only lanes at the toll plaza, just like the M4 and M5?

M2 toll plaza with dedicated e-toll lanes
M2 toll plaza with dedicated e-toll lanes (source: M2 Hills Motorway)

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It’s an iPod nano Phoreal!

The iPod nano we ordered as a 21st birthday present for Johnny (aka Phoreal, one of my Digital Media friends) finally arrived this Tuesday, but today was the first time we’ve seen Johnny since. So this morning after our gen-ed at UNSW Kensington, Adam suggested we stick around for lunch (something we normally don’t do) so that we could have a seemingly organised place to present the iPod to our fellow pimp.

Johnny posing with iPod nano

(more photos after the jump…)

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Mark Latham and the ALP

Mark Latham and the Australia Labor Party — which is more sad?

Earlier tonight I watched Andrew Denton’s interview of Mark Latham on Enough Rope (ABC TV), having missed its unexpected airing last week. For those not familar with the situation here, today marks the release of Latham’s book The Latham Diaries in which he offers a scathing critique of the ALP, the people involved and politics in general.

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Behind the Scenes #1 — Guessing Game

For those who care, I’ll let you know how I’m running this blog.

I’ve decided to use WordPress to power my blog as it appears to be powerful, yet simple to use. I’ve also heard that it’s quite fast and doesn’t require rebuilding of pages, which sounds great. The theme you’re seeing is a modified version of Blix by Sebastian Schmieg. Any comments about the layout?

I’ve only just scratched the surface with all the plugins available for WordPress, but at the moment I’m using Ultimate Tag Warrior to feed my metadata obsession, Comment Authorization to check people are who they say they are and Smart Update Pinger to only send out pings when I post new entries (not when I edit). Anyone have any suggestions on some ‘must-have’ plugins for WordPress?

Thus far, I’m very happy with WordPress and the plug-ins – it’s been extremely easy to customise everything and keep it all looking coherent. Hopefully it stays that way, but I’ll certainly keep you posted with my experiences.

Now, how about a guessing game? There are two background images in the title (apart from my cheesy face) – the orange one on the left side, and the green one on the right. For the first person to correctly guess what the images show, I’ll uh… send out a packet of your favourite Starbursts! (To guess, just leave a comment.)

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Hello World!

World, meet Digital Kaleidoscope!

If you’ve stumbled across this, then the secret is out. Yes, it’s true! After all these years, I’ve finally found the motivation to set up a blog on my site and start blogging!

First, a bit of background (for those of you who don’t already know me). I’m a student currently studying Digital Media at the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia. My interests in this field include both web authoring and film production.

When I’m not slaving away with uni work (pretty often actually – my procrastination skills are unrivalled!), I help keep things together at the COFA Students’ Association, where I’m the Vice-President/Education Officer this year.

In my other free time I’m usually lusting after the latest gadgets, whining about transport in Sydney, watching movies or eating out. (If you’re not already familiar with who I am, then that should give some clues.) Oh, and I sleep a lot!

I’ll be writing about the whole gamut of things that I encounter in my brilliant and mind-bogglingly exciting existence, but it’s likely I’ll often end up focusing on one of the above-mentioned topics.

If any of that sounds remotely interesting to you, then welcome aboard! Enjoy Digital Kaleidoscope.

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